Anne Rice, Bryan Fuller Developing Vampire Chronicles TV Series

Anne Rice Bryan Fuller The Vampire Chronicles Lestat TV Series

Bryan Fuller isn’t wasting any bloody time.

The executive producer, who exited as American Gods co-showrunner in November, is teaming with novelist Anne Rice and her author son, Christopher Rice, to create a TV series based centered on Rice’s famous vampire, Lestat.

Christopher Rice announced the partnership Thursday in a lengthy Facebook post. “For a year now, my mother and I have had the joy of working with creative partners at Paramount Television and Anonymous Content who share our vision for a prestigious, long-form, high quality and high production value television series focusing on the journey of the immortal Lestat as he travels the lengths of the vampire world detailed in The Vampire Chronicles,” he writes. “Almost instantly after we sold the rights last April, we knew we were working with some of the finest producers television had to offer. And those producers knew that Bryan would be a perfect addition to our creative team.”

In the post, the author’s son also notes how a teenage Fuller looked up Rice in the phone book in the 1980s and called her, saying he wanted to write a film adaptation of Interview With the Vampire. “To his astonishment, the author, my mother Anne Rice, answered the phone herself when he called, and when this young man declared his intentions to adapt her book for the big screen, she gave him the number of the producer in Hollywood who owned the rights. Naturally, the producer’s response was something along the lines of, “You’re too young, kid. Go hone your talent. Maybe someday.”

For those who’ve only dipped their fangs into Rice’s supernatural writings, Lestat is the vampire played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 film adaptation of Interview With the Vampire (in which Fuller was not involved). He also is the narrator of many of her novels, including The Vampire Lestat. There’s no word yet on network, casting, timeframe, etc.

Read the full announcement below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Fuller’s new project. 

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