Nashville Premiere: Watch Juliette Implode on Stage — 2018 FIRST LOOK

Nashville‘s Juliette Barnes has yelled, screamed, cussed people out and frozen up on stage. But none of that was as disturbing as when she announces, “I think I just need to stop” after grinding her comeback concert to a halt in the Season 6 premiere.

As you’ll see in this exclusive clip from the episode — which airs Thursday, Jan. 4, at 9/8c — Juliette is back to performing after her very public admission of stealing Maddie’s single. And though Deacon seems to have forgiven her, based on his appearance on the sidelines, some fans in the audience chant “thief!” and hold signs that make it very clear that they haven’t forgotten what she’s done.

Perhaps that’s the reason she stops singing and launches into some rather depressing truth-telling?

“I want people to love me, but that’s just a trap,” Juliette says dejectedly as she stares out into the audience. “Because they don’t know me. I don’t even want them to know me, because if they knew me, they wouldn’t love me. That’s the story of my whole life right there.”

Then, as Glenn, Deacon and Avery look on in varying degrees of horror, she announces, “I think I just need to stop.”

As previously reported, the sixth season of the country-music drama will introduce several new characters, including Darius, a self-help guru with a track record of transforming lives who crosses paths with Juliette. (We’re hoping that interaction happens after, and not before, the events of the sneak peek.)

Press PLAY on the video above for your first look at Nashville‘s final run, then hit the comments with your thoughts.