The Ranch Part 4 Recap: Are Colt and Abby Doomed After Episode 6's Twist?

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the first six episodes of The Ranch Part 4. Just starting your binge? Read our premiere recap here.

(Note: On Dec. 5, Danny Masterson was fired by Netflix. Because of The Ranch‘s accelerated production schedule, Masterson appears in all 10 new episodes. His character’s departure will take place during Part 5, to be released in 2018. The series has already been renewed through Part 6.)

The Ranch is blowing through plot at record speed. Just five episodes after Colt proposed to Abby at a Thomas Rhett concert, there’s reason to doubt they’ll ever make it to the altar.

As you’ll recall, Episode 4 ended with the news that Abby is out of a teaching job. She agrees to stay with Colt so she doesn’t have to worry about rent, but is ultimately unhappy about living in his childhood bedroom. Her resentment grows the longer she goes without landing another teaching gig, but she doesn’t do much in the way of actually finding one. Instead, she throws herself a pity party and not-so-subtly implies that her life was better before Colt reentered her orbit.

At this point, Colt decides that it’s time for tough love. He tells his fiancée to stop being pathetic and to pick up the pace on her job search — and it works. She rejoins LinkedIn and puts out feelers to former colleagues, and before long, she lands an interview. Unfortunately, there’s a catch: This particular teaching position is in Denver. If she gets it, she’ll have to leave Garrison. Will Colt agree to go with her if and when she gets the job? Hmmm…

Now that we’re caught up to speed on what’s going on with Colt and Abby, let’s catch up with the rest of the Bennett family…

* Things are going well for Beau and Brenda — that is, until he realizes that he can’t live without Joanne. He attempts to be a gentleman and break things off with Brenda the right way, but walks into her salon as she’s grieving the anniversary of her husband’s death. He eventually gets around to talking to her, but only after she discovers him sitting down to dinner with Joanne.

* Rooster’s love life is also a mess. He gets dumped by Mary, then discovers he’s not cut out for Tinder. He eventually hooks up with Jen (Psych‘s Maggie Lawson) from Rocky Mountain Natural Gas, but it’s unclear at this point whether it was just a one-time thing.

* Maggie returns to Garrison and discovers that Rooster’s done an atrocious job managing the bar. She fires her son after becoming aware that he accidentally served alcohol to a minor and got the place shut down for three days.

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