Nashville Final Season Trailer: Wait, Is Juliette Barnes Joining a Cult?

Maybe we’ve watched a few too many episodes of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, but doesn’t this new trailer for Nashville‘s sixth and final season make it seem like Juliette’s heading down a very dangerous path?

In the new video, released Thursday, Ms. Barnes makes the acquaintance of Darius, a charming founder of a self-actualization movement. “Why isn’t all of this fame and success enough?” he asks her, which isn’t an outrageous question. But then Avery says, “You’re putting all of your trust in this guy. You’re living your whole life by his words,” and that’s a fair observation — made by someone we know truly wants the best for our often impulsive heroine.

In short, it seems like Ju is headed for cult membership or something equally troubling. And we’re officially worried.

Other intel gleaned from the trailer:

* Deacon has apparently given Juliette another chance after she stole Maddie’s song last season, and Ju seems appropriately grateful.

* Gunnar seems to be having a far harder time dealing with the breakup than Scarlett is.

* As teased in a previous promo, Will is the one shooting what appear to be steroids in the bathroom,

* Deacon and Jessie definitely kiss and hold hands, and it’s definitely not making Daphne happy.

* Maddie gets real cozy with pop star Jonah Ford.

* Gunnar, Will and Avery play together. Dare we hope they’re forming a new band?!

* Hey, look! It’s Hallie playing the Bluebird with Deacon! She lives!

Nashville returns on Thursday, Jan. 4, at 9/8c. Press PLAY on the video above to watch the trailer, then hit the comments: Are we overreacting on the whole Juliette thing?