The Brave's Natacha Karam Still Can't Believe Jaz Missed That Shot

The Brave Season 1 Jaz Missed Shot Natacha Karam


That’s how often The Brave‘s resident sniper Sgt. Jasmine “Jaz” Khan has missed a shot, star Natacha Karam says. So when her bullet went wild in the fall finale, “In my head, I played it as though this is the first time that had ever happened,” she says.

And while that’s not the biggest worry on Jaz’s mind at the moment — after all, the woman is being held against her will in Iran after killing a terrorist mastermind — Karam says everything that happened in Episode 9 will have an effect on everything that happens after.

“Everything from this moment onwards changes, and for the first time, we start to realize true consequences,” she previews. “There are tangible consequences. There’s remnants of that coursing through you, and you can’t let go of that. There’s a lot of psychological stuff that happens in [Episode] 10. We’re learning things about these characters.”

Karam can’t say much about what happens when Dalton and his gang return from the break, but we got her to tease what’s ahead. “Episode 10 was very strange to me, because I wasn’t with the team. I didn’t get to spend any time with my guys. Episode 10 was hard,” she says. “There were a lot of challenging scenes and a lot of draining ones, but the hardest thing to me in Episode 10 was not the things that one would assume when you watch it. They were the moments of stillness. The moments without any dialogue.”

She pauses, then laughs. “There’s so much good stuff I want to say!”