Project Runway Finale Recap: Did the Right Designer Win Season 16?

Project Runway Finale Recap

The time has come, Project Runway fans. Every challenge, every sacrifice, every impromptu funeral for a dead cat found on the street has led to this — the Season 16 finale.

With the sting of Kenya’s elimination still thick in the air, the remaining four designers — Ayana, Brandon, Kentaro and Margarita — presented their final collections at New York Fashion Week. Last week’s episode gave us the gist of the designers’ collections (I haven’t stopped thinking about Brandon’s flamingo print all week), but the finale allowed us to see them in action. And they looked damn good.

Even the judges seemed to like the collections for the most part, calling Margarita’s “joyous,” Ayana’s “beautiful,” Kentaro’s “poetic” and Brandon’s “romantic.” It should be noted that Brandon’s collection received the most criticism of the bunch, with the judges (mostly) unanimously deciding that he could have varied his print choice. (And, um, can we talk about Heidi Klum telling Kentaro that people were so quiet during his presentation that “You could hear a mouse fart”?)

But this is Project Runway, dagnabbit, and not everyone gets to go home a winner. The order of final eliminations went as follows: Margarita, Brandon (honestly, this surprised me) and Ayana… making Kentaro the winner of Season 16!

Also worth discussing…

* Am I a bad person for laughing when Kentaro’s dad fell down at the end?

* Why doesn’t Kentaro’s family have its own reality show?

Do you think the right designer won Season 16? And which Fashion Week looks were your favorites? Vote for your contestant of choice below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the finale.