Did Outlander's Claire Forget Murtagh? Did Exorcist Spoil Twist? The Week's Best Arrowverse Fight? And More Qs!


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Exorcist, OutlanderGrey’s Anatomy and Young Sheldon!

1 | Thinking back to Stranger Things Episode 8…. Is anyone still bothered that Eleven acted out in a jealous manner and sent Mike’s new gal pal Max toppling on her skateboard? Since it wasn’t done in a sassy/funny but mean/cruel way?

2 | How does Once Upon a Time‘s Jacinda plan to explain to her boss at Mr. Cluck’s why they sold no chicken during her and Sabine’s “secret” beignet sale? Also, Ivy totally evokes The Devil Wears Prada‘s Emily, right?

3 | Didn’t The Exorcist kinda spoil the appearance of Nicole by clearly showing Alicia Witt in a photo of the dead woman earlier this season? Because if they were going to go to the lengths of casting a recognizable actress, what were the odds she wouldn’t be part of the action?

4 | Considering the dreck that filled much of Larry David’s Saturday Night Live  episode, how did they not make time for the Kevin Roberts reprise that was done at dress rehearsal and was even on the rundown for the live broadcast?

5 | Were you surprised that Star Trek: Discovery‘s knock-down, drag-out fight between L’Rell and Cornwell wasn’t just for appearance’s sake, as part of an escape plan? (Or was it?)

6 | On The Walking Dead, how much more impactful would Eric’s demise have been if the show had given Aaron’s boyfriend more than, say, 20 lines over three seasons? And that was it for Morales’ “big” return? Seriously?

7 | Given how intricately Outlander‘s Murtagh was woven into her first 18th-century experience, why hasn’t Claire asked about his whereabouts?

8 | Were you expecting Lucifer to reveal at the end to Chloe that the code to his safe is her birthday? And for those aware that this episode was filmed last spring, were you looking for/spot any continuity hiccups?

9 | Does Supergirl‘s Kara have the special iPhone X that is able to transmit (or at the very least analyze) water samples?

10 | After this week’s Delroy Lindo and Sam Anderson This Is Us guest stints, not to mention earlier turns by Gerald McRaney and Elizabeth Perkins, which actor/actress of a certain age would you like to see show up next?

11 | Mindy Project fans: Wasn’t Laverne Cox’s Cousin Sheena a notable absence from Tamra’s “braby shower”?

12 | Among several problems with The Flash‘s GNO episode: Would Cisco really let Ralph — uninvited, douchey and barely a friend — hijack his obviously well-planned and thoughtful bachelor party for Barry? And as for the ladies: While Felicity has been known to appreciate (and now enjoys unfettered access to!) Oliver Queen’s abs, is she really the sort of woo girl who would cheer on a male stripper/lament not bringing a stack of singles?

13 | Did Legends of Tomorrow’s Victor Garber also playing his ancestor serve a purpose that was lost on us?

14 | Any Empire watchers get Ghost pottery wheel flashbacks during Claudia and Lucious’ erotic art-making scene?

15 | We know Riverdale is all about the 1950s kitsch, but would a teen girl like Betty really have the 1958 song “Lollipop” as the ringtone on her cell phone?

16 | Was Supernatural giving you 12 Monkeys vibes between that creepy mask and the presence of Alisen Down (aka Olivia on 12 Monkeys)?

17 | Did Arrow once again drag out the flashbacks, giving us one too many of daddy Slade camping with his son? And which was this week’s best Arrowverse fight: Slade taking down the Jackals, or Damien Darhk battling the Legends to the tune of “Return of the Mack”?

Young Sheldon18 | Did Young Sheldon not think Big Bang Theory fans would notice that the actress (The Fresh Prince’s Vernee Watson-Johnson) playing the nurse treating George Sr. in Texas has appeared in the same role on multiple episodes of the mothership?

19 | Shouldn’t Grey’s Anatomy have thrown a few actual flashbacks into its nostalgic 300th episode? Or was it enough that Meredith had that sweet vision of her mom applauding her Harper Avery victory? But how was Meredith suddenly eligible for the Harper Avery Award, when a conflict of interest was previously established due to that foundation’s funding of Grey Sloan?

20 | Will Fall TV Premiere Award winner S.W.A.T. ever go a full episode without getting Shemar Moore shirtless?

21 | Could Scandal have come up with a less inspired venue for Quinn and Charlie’s wedding than QPA headquarters? Don’t they spend enough time at the office?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!