Grey's Co-Stars Talk Owen and Carina, a Cristina Comeback and the Fun of 'Practicing Not Being Married'

greys anatomy season 14 spoilers owen carina cristina returning

No one could blame Grey’s Anatomy viewers if they asked to be prescribed mild sedatives after last Thursday’s episode found both Owen and Amelia falling into out-of-left-field hookups — the former with Arizona’s latest love, Carina; the latter, with her mentor, Koracick. But what do the dalliances mean for the separated couple? “I think they’re just practicing not being married people,” Caterina Scorsone told TVLine at the ABC drama’s recent 300th-episode bash. “They’re trying to just break the seal.”

greys anatomy season 14 spoilers owen carina cristina returningFor Owen, the romp with Carina — which promos have revealed continues in Thursday’s milestone installment (8/7c) — is also about letting go of the idea that he has to be a husband and a father. “He doesn’t really know where his life is headed,” said Kevin McKidd at the same event. “And then this incredible OB shows up and basically makes out with him. He was just kind of knocked off his feet, really.”

Even his soon-to-ex-wife wouldn’t begrudge him a little fun. On the contrary, notes Scorsone, both Owen and Amelia have “been mired in tragedy for so long that they just want to shake it off — so they are!”

Down the road, anything could happen. If Owen gets serious with someone again, “it could be Teddy,” McKidd suggested. Or “Cristina could come back. That could happen. But [my gut says] that the story of Owen and Amelia isn’t over, truly. I think they did the right thing by going, ‘This tumor means we need to go back to zero and see what we are.’

“So I’ve got a weird feeling,” he adds, “that them breaking up has given them the best shot at a future” together.

Whether a full-fledged reunion is in the cards, Scorsone could easily imagine the duo hitting the sheets some more. “A friends-with-benefits situation — I could see that,” she admitted, adding with a laugh, “I mean, he’s not bad-looking!” (With reporting by Jean Bentley)

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