Grey's Anatomy 300th Episode Recap: Seems Like Old Times — Grade It!

greys anatomy season 14 episode 7 recap 300

Although the carousel never stops turning, there’s no telling what a rickety old roller coaster might do. In Thursday’s milestone 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a car from a ride at a county fair goes flying off the rails into the crowd, turning loose on Grey Sloan not just a bunch of injured patients but also memories of the doctors that they reminded their caregivers of. Ready to take the nostalgia trip? Read on.

‘I THINK I’M HALLUCINATING’ | As “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” began, Amelia stopped by the home she used to share with Owen to pick up something she left behind and got more than she bargained for: a gander at her soon-to-be-ex-husband cooking with Carina. Naked. So yeah, as Amelia wryly suggested, maybe she should go ahead and give those house keys back to Owen. Meanwhile, Bailey was so mad at Ben, who’d told her about his plan to become a firefighter, that she insisted on taking public transportation to work rather than ride with her husband. At Grey Sloan, the new interns were talking about how exhausted they were when pagers went off, and they all went running. Except for Levi, who needed to be awakened. Alex was telling Mer that she was most definitely taking the flight to win her Harper Avery Award that day when the interns went dashing by in anticipation of an influx of patients from the roller-coaster accident. Among the first to arrive were second-year residents Cleo and Greg, who immediately struck Meredith as doppelgängers for a young Cristina and George. Poor Greg was not only still stuck in the crushed roller-coaster car — paramedics didn’t dare try to remove him for fear of unstable pressure injuries — he was stuck in it with Cleo, whose bark we could only hope was worse than her bite. Before we cut to the original Grey’s theme music, they were joined by — seriously? — a pregnant blonde named Liza who Alex admitted to Jo was a dead ringer for Izzie.

greys anatomy season 14 episode 7 recap 300‘WE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!’ | When Jackson asked Bailey how far she’d gotten with her version of the Harper Averys, she lashed out at him for having been sitting on Ben’s secret when he asked her to start the awards. Nearby, Cleo objected strenuously to Mer & Co. gaping at her and Greg, whose condition took a turn for the worse when he was removed from the roller-coaster car, as if they were their old friends. That is, until she found out that the Grey who was working on Greg was the Grey who was up for a Harper Avery. Shortly, it was revealed that Cleo had a dreadful puncture wound. Which was good news for Mer — it meant she’d surely miss the Harper Averys. Not so hot for Cleo, who freaked and decided, on second thought, it was OK if Grey saw Cristina in her. “I want to grow up to be you,” Cleo said, “so save me like I’m your friend.” Elsewhere, Arizona discovered that Liza had a tumor on her placenta. Scared and alone, since her birthing coach Greg was out of commission, she asked — naturally — Alex to stay with her while she underwent surgery. After explaining to Greg his condition, Bailey burst into tears. Richard assumed that it was because he reminded her so much of George. But no, she insisted, it was marital rage. Mid-conversation, they were interrupted by the sound of banging coming from the supply closet — DeLuca and Sam getting “reacquainted,” their tumultuous past be damned. Afterward, Carina tsk-tsk’d her brother and called him still an “innocent bambino.”

greys anatomy season 14 episode 7 recap 300‘I COULD PICK YOU UP AND THROW YOU OUT A WINDOW’ | Later, Amelia lit into Owen for skipping a head CT on her patient, then brought the CT equipment into the O.R. during his operation to get it done then and there. Owen thought she was just being overly cautious because her brother had died under similar circumstances. That was true, but it didn’t mean that she wasn’t right — the patient needed brain surgery, stat. So, in a way, Derek, through his tragic end, had saved yet another life. Operating on Cleo, Mer admitted to April how desperately she wanted to win the Harper Avery. Ironically, the only person who’d understand how desperately she wanted to win it was Cristina, whose young lookalike they were trying to save. At the same time, Arizona distracted Liza from her (successful) emergency C-section by remembering Mark and imagining the advice he would have given her about Sofia’s imminent return. After putting the baby in Liza’s arms, Alex, affected, had to leave the room. Call Izzie if you want to know how she is, Jo sweetly told him. But he didn’t need to. He’d imagined a whole life for her in which she was as happy as he was with Jo. “When I picture her,” he said, “she’s always smiling.”

greys anatomy season 14 episode 7 recap 300‘CONGRATS, MEREDITH’ | As the hour drew to a close, Bailey accused Ben of having commitment issues since he’d changed career direction so many times. In turn, he argued that he had to try this new goal while he was young enough, so that he wouldn’t be haunted by the ghost of the man he could have been. Since Mer didn’t make it to the Harper Averys, Richard & Co. brought them to her — allowing her to watch on a monitor in the O.R. surrounded by her family, friends and colleagues as Catherine announced that she was the winner. Accepting for Grey, Jackson acknowledged the losses that Mer had suffered — Ellis, Lexie, Derek — and the way that she turned those heartbreaks into drive. Mer even envisioned her mom applauding with Maggie and Zola in the gallery after Jackson’s speech. At Arizona’s, no sooner had Sofia walked through the door than she was saying she missed Callie (whose picture with baby Sofia and Mark was displayed prominently on the wall). Back at Grey Sloan, Sam admitted to DeLuca that yeah, they were bad for each other. And once again, they started going at it. Owen insisted to Mer that she didn’t see Cleo’s resemblance to Yang. Then again, he said, “there’s no one like Cristina.” Speaking of whom, she phoned Mer just as Alex was popping the cork on the champagne with which they were about to celebrate her victory.

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