UnREAL Season 3 Trailer: A Savvy Female Suitor, a Castrated Man-Bun and a Worried Rachel and Quinn

My (abs) is there a lot (abs) of male shirtlessness (abs) in this Season 3 trailer for UnREAL (abs) or what (abs abs abs)?

Makes sense, seeing as how the new episodes will focus on the race to woo Everlasting‘s first female suitor suitress — and from the look of the new footage, it seems like Caitlin Fitzgerald’s Serena is as sharp (and possibly calculating) as she is stunning.

But the first new footage from the Lifetime drama — which premieres Monday, Feb. 26, at 10/9c — also gives us an update on the behind-the-scenes crew, as well. Rachel and Quinn look as calculating as ever (though we love the fear in their eyes when they realize that Serena is smart in a way that none of the male suitors ever were), and we get glimpses of other favorites like Chet and Jay, not to mention a fleeting shot of a cleaned-up Jeremy, as well as Madison, who’s lost the braids but gotten herself into another hair situation altogether: a man-bun that one of the contestants cut off another while he was sleeping.

Also of note: Series star Shiri Appleby and series co-creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro will return as directors this season, and they’ll be joined by first-time UnREAL helmer Constance Zimmer.

Press PLAY on the video above to see all of the show-within-a-show drama unspool, then hit the comments: Do you plan to tune in to UnREAL this season?

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