Bob Weinstein Subject of Sexual Harassment Claim by Mist EP

Bob Weinstein Sexual Harassment The Mist Amanda Segel

The Mist‘s female showrunner says Bob Weinstein sexually harassed her while the Spike TV thriller was in production, our sister site Variety reports.

Amanda Segel came forward Tuesday with accusations that Weinstein, whose company produced The Mist, repeatedly asked her to romantic dinners and spoke to her about intimate topics, despite her insistence that she wanted nothing more than a professional and friendly relationship with him. Segel also revealed that her lawyers had contacted The Weinstein Co. to say that she would leave the show if Weinstein’s behavior didn’t change.

When contacted by the site, a representative for Weinstein denied any inappropriate behavior regarding Segel.

Segel alleges that after a dinner in June 2016, Weinstein asked her to come up to his room at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. Though she declined, the evening kicked off a period of time in which Weinstein continued to ask her out on dates, joking that he could fire her if she refused. Eventually, Segel tells the site, Weinstein blew up at her about a production matter during a conference call, and she had her lawyers contact him to say she’d leave The Mist if the mistreatment didn’t stop.

Segel eventually agreed to stay, with the understanding that she would not be on calls with Weinstein, nor would he be in the same room as her, and she had the option to leave the series if it were renewed for a second season. (The Mist was cancelled in September.)

Earlier in October, Bob Weinstein’s brother, Harvey Weinstein, was been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault by more than 40 women. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bob Weinstein said his sibling had caused “unconscionable suffering” and called Harvey’s actions — which included asking young women up to his hotel room — “sick and depraved.”

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