Ten Days in the Valley: Bird Exposes Jane's Big Secret (Well, One of 'Em)

We’re less surprised that Det. Bird uncovers one of Jane’s huge lies in this Sunday’s Ten Days in the Valley than we are that it took him three episodes to do so.

As you’ll see in the exclusive sneak peek above, the cop has zero patience for Jane’s cover-up — or her insistence that Pete is behind little Lake’s kidnapping — especially now that he knows that PJ was at the house the night the crime took place.

As Jane tries to explain away her obfuscation, the cop makes things clear really quickly: What she’s doing is considered obstruction, he says, “and I can arrest you for it.”

But Bird’s got plenty of questions for lots of other people, including the production team on Jane’s show, in Sunday’s hour (ABC, 10/9c). And while all that’s going on, Pete has a major freakout. But is it because he’s an anguished father… or because he’s secretly guilty?

Press PLAY on the clip to watch Bird’s already thin patience with Jane run out, then hit the comments: At this point in the show, who do you think is the most likely suspect?

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