Outlander's Jamie and Claire Reunite in Supersized Print Shop Episode — Watch Steamy Teaser, Check Out First Photo

Outlander Jamie Claire Reunion Print Shop Sex Season 3 video

Anyone know how to say “hubba-hubba” in Gaelic? Because you’re going to have a very strong need for it, very soon.

Starz on Monday released a steamy sneek peek at Outlander‘s upcoming sixth episode “A. Malcolm,” aka the one where Jamie and Claire’s long-awaited reunion — which began at the end of Sunday’s hour — finally plays out. The sexy 30-second clip shows footage from the Frasers’ first day together in decades: There’s wine, there’s sloooow undressing, there are a few lingering gazes, and then Jamie simply asks, “Are ye going to go to bed with me, then?”

We’ll let you watch the video below to find out Claire’s answer. (But if you canna guess, you havena been watching this show for verra long, aye?) And then keep scrolling for more goodies:

The supersized episode will air Sunday, Oct. 22, at 8/7c. In the interim, the network will rebroadcast Season 3’s first five episodes on Sunday, Oct. 15, starting at 5/4c.

To slake your Fraser thirst — or maybe to inflame it — Starz also released new artwork tied to the monumental episode. And we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t slap it up here, as large as possible, right? So peruse the photo well, then hit the comments with your thoughts on all things print shop and beyond!

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