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Grey's EP Promises to Deal With Jackson and Maggie's Stepsibs Issue

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Grey’s Anatomy viewers weren’t the only ones caught off guard by the polarizing pairing of Jackson and Maggie. The doctors in question never saw it coming, either, co-showrunner Krista Vernoff tells TVLine. “Here’s what I think happened — and I’ve lived this personally, where somebody says something that maybe hadn’t occurred to you… and then suddenly, you can’t stop thinking that way.

“I’ve had someone say to me, ‘I think that guy’s into you,’” she continues, “and I’d never noticed that guy, and maybe that guy had never noticed me, but suddenly, something’s been said, and it’s let something out of a box that might [otherwise] never have come out of it.”

In Jackson and Maggie’s case, the someone doing the talking was April, who suggested — and quickly regretted suggesting — that there was a spark between her ex-husband and their colleague. “She named a thing [that] was mostly rooted in her own pain, jealousy and fear, but you can’t put it away” once it’s out there, says Vernoff. “She named a thing that may not have been real, and in naming it, she may have made it a little bit real.

“So we’re going to get the fun of watching Jackson and Maggie try to navigate what April said,” she adds. “It will be joyful.”

And before you cry, “But they’re stepsiblings!” the EP has a message for you. “I’d like to say to the fans that yes, I am aware that Jackson and Maggie’s parents are married to each other, and we are not avoiding that conversation,” she promises. On the contrary, “that story is bringing a lot of comedy and fun to the season.”

What do you think, Grey’s fans? Any chance Jaggie can win you over? Withholding judgment till they’ve at least gone on a date? Hit the comments.

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