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Fuller House Boss Explains Premiere's Musical Surprise, How Jodie Sweetin's Broken Leg Adjusted Season 3 Plans

Fuller House Season 3

If you’ve seen the Season 3 premiere of Fuller House — which hit Netflix on Friday along with eight other episodes — you probably have a lot of questions. Mostly about that opening musical number.

Creator Jeff Franklin says he first got the idea for the performance when he purchased the Full House house — the one used for exterior shots — in San Francisco.

He tells TVLine, “When I first bought it, I thought, ‘How cool would it be to have the cast walk out of that house and into the street and do a whole big production number?’ That was what I wanted it to be.'” Unfortunately, Franklin’s on-location dream was not to be. He adds, “We didn’t have the money to do that, so it became an in-the-house kind of deal.”

Of course, the show’s budget was only one obstacle Franklin’s team had to overcome in filming the song-and-dance moment; Jodie Sweetin’s freshly broken leg was another.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but we kind of stuck her in the back in a lot of parts,” Franklin admits. “We had to hide her broken leg! She’s game to do anything — as is the rest of the cast, who have accepted it as part of the deal — but she really couldn’t move.”

In fact, Sweetin’s injury ended up shaping quite a bit of Stephanie’s overall storyline in Season 3. As Franklin explains, “We had to re-write half the season to accommodate her [broken leg]. We were able to work around it [in the premiere], but for the second episode, we had to write it in”

As for the premiere itself, the episode mostly served to set up the rest of the season: C.J. and Steve have decided to get married (…in Japan!), Fernando has purchased Kimmy and Jimmy’s childhood home (with plans to restore it), and D.J. is struggling to keep things exciting with Matt (aka her second choice). Oh, and Gia’s back!

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