Alec Baldwin Has Mixed Feelings About Sean Spicer's Surprise Emmys Cameo

Emmys Sean Spicer

Alec Baldwin won an Emmy tonight for playing Donald Trump… but he may have been upstaged by a former member of Trump’s administration.

Following his win for Supporting Actor in a Comedy for his work as Trump on Saturday Night Live, Baldwin was asked backstage about the surprise cameo made by Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer during host Stephen Colbert’s monologue. And Baldwin was a bit torn, it sounds like.

“The average person is very grateful for him to have a sense of humor and participate,” Baldwin began diplomatically, before adding: “Spicer obviously was held to do certain things that we have not respected or we might not have admired, [and] we might have been super critical of, in order to do his job.”

But the veteran actor ultimately found some common ground with Spicer: “I’ve done some jobs and things that you shouldn’t admire or respect me for, either. So he and I have that in common.”

Baldwin also confirmed to reporters that he will reprise his role as Trump on the upcoming season of SNL: “I’m going to be available to do some of those shows this year. So we look forward to picking up where we left off.”

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