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Grey's Anatomy's Jason George: Will the Spinoff Break Up Ben and Bailey?

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When Jason George leaves Grey’s Anatomy to star in the ABC drama’s spinoff about firefighters, the first blaze that Ben has to put out may be at home. Can anyone not picture smoke coming out of Bailey’s ears when her husband announces that he wants to give up medicine to risk his neck as a fireman?

The powers that be “haven’t told me” yet how Ben’s career switch will impact his marriage, the actor revealed to TVLine at Entertainment Weekly’s pre-Emmy bash on Friday. But, since “there will definitely be crossovers between Grey’s and the spinoff show… I think kind of along the lines of what happened with Private Practice and Grey’s,” what he hopes is that “Bailey can come home and fall into bed, and there’s Ben, and they can talk about their day. Or Ben comes home from fighting fires all day and falls into bed, and there’s Bailey.”

If his job change leaves her hot under the collar, that’s fine with George — as long as the couple pulls through in the end. “I’ve come to really love their relationship,” he said. “I’m proud of it. They’re grown-ass people with grown-ass problems who work it out no matter what.”

In fact, the Warrens, hitched since Season 9, are so tight that George can scarcely imagine his character cheating. For that to happen, “it would have to be crazy amounts of arguments,” he suggested, “a lot of space and time… and then Halle Berry has to guest-star. That’s pretty much how it has to go.” (With reporting by Jean Bentley)