Power EP Hints at Final (?!) Season

Power Final Season 6 Ending Starz

Warning: This post contains light spoilers about Sunday’s Power Season 4 finale.

Power‘s Ghost, Tommy and Kanan might want to get to steppin’ on that Dre-revenge thing, because series creator Courtney Kemp tells TVLine that the crime drama could be closing in on its end date.

Before you freak: No official word has come down that the Starz series will wrap in the near future, and the show’s two-season renewal in 2016 ensures that Ghost & Co. will be around through an upcoming Season 5. Still, when TVLine asked why Power pulled the trigger on having Tommy, Ghost and their former mortal enemy all play on the same side in the Season 4 finale, Kemp said, “Well we don’t have so much more of this television series to go, so we really wanted to give the audience a little bit of what they’ve been looking for.”

She added: “We hinted at it earlier in the season, by putting Ghost and Kanan in a car together during the kidnapping. There’s a lot of history here, and I think the audience would love to know more about that history and more about these characters,” promising that the long-standing relationship among the three men would be explored in Season 5.

What do you think, Power fans? Does Ghost’s story feel like it’s drawing to a close? Hit the comments and let us know!

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