Elementary Video: Lucy Liu, Nelsan Ellis Discuss Joan and Shinwell's Friendship

Whether working as a doctor, sober companion or private investigator, Elementary‘s Joan is driven to save people, even — or especially? — if they’re an ex-con like Shinwell Johnson (played by the late Nelsan Ellis, who passed away last month).

The pair’s unlikely friendship was born because “we wanted to find something that would push [Joan’s savior] buttons a little bit and bring her into conflict with Sherlock,” executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe shares in this exclusive video from the CBS drama’s Season 5 DVD release.

While the P.I. was “searching for something to do with her life” as she struggled with the criminal element that surrounds her, “Shinwell becomes someone that she can save, that she can help, and work towards making a better person,” star Lucy Liu says.

“[Shinwell] tries to protect her… and she tries to protect him from himself,” Ellis adds. But unfortunately, Joan couldn’t protect Shinwell from his tragic fate.

Elementary: The Fifth Season arrives on DVD tomorrow, with a “For the Hundredth Time” featurette celebrating Episode 100, deleted scenes, a gag reel and more extras.

Elementary Season 6 is slated to premiere midseason on CBS.

Press PLAY above to watch the clip, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Joan and Shinwell’s complicated relationship.

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