Crashing's Pete Holmes Talks Season 2 Returns, Starts a Beef With Iron Man

Crashing Season 2 Pete Holmes Interview Preview

HBO’s Crashing may tell a fictionalized version of comedian Pete Holmes‘ life, but that doesn’t mean everything that happens in the series is firmly grounded in reality.

For example: Holmes tells TVLine that filming a scene from the comedy’s upcoming second season felt very much like something out of a classic ’80s sci-fi film.  “[There] was this big elaborate rig, and it was like 1 in the morning, and I’m riding around the streets of Chelsea on this bike, and it was very E.T.,” he says.

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At an event celebrating Crashing‘s Season 1 release on DVD, we chatted with the comic about lessons learned during the show’s freshman run, as well as what audiences can look forward to in Season 2. Read on for the highlights, including which superhero Holmes thinks is “kind of a d–k.”

ARTIE LANGE’S IMPROV MASTERCLASS | Holmes credits the show’s success to a specific scene in the pilot. It involved Artie Lange and a pizza joint, and Holmes says he considers Lange’s performance a master class in acting and improv. He remembers the script getting tossed after director and executive producer Judd Apatow (Freaks and Geeks) told Lange to just tell Pete what he would tell a new comedian. “I can’t stress how much it was Artie just kind of telling me his life story,” Holmes says. “I think that’s a big reason why the show was picked up to series. It’s a big reason why the show worked.”

ACCEPTANCE, THY NAME IS PETE | While Season 1 Pete was deeply in denial about the end of his marriage, Season 2 Pete has accepted his circumstances and embraced his new life. “There’s even more fun to be had once somebody kind of accepts… their fate and kind of starts dancing with it,” Holmes says. One new aspect Pete tangos with is the alternative comedy scene, which he is introduced to through new character Ali Reissen, played by series writer Jamie Lee (MTV’s Girl Code). Based on an amalgamation of people who gave Holmes the same advice in real life — namely Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin and Bill Burr — Ali “almost literally takes me by the hand and shows me all these different kind of possibilities.” Holmes said, “And then Pete starts to feel funnier as a result. Which is what happened in real life.”

WHO’LL BE BACK? | Season 1’s Lange, Dave Attell, Lauren Lapkus and George Basil will appear in Season 2, Holmes says, crediting Apatow with the move to bring back a number of fan favorites. “Judd taught me that you can’t introduce these wonderful characters and have them just vanish. So we take advantage of that philosophy.”

PETE HOLMES IS SPIDER-MAN | When asked about events in his life that he is afraid to include in the series, Holmes only had one reservation: showcasing anything that would disparage someone else. “I am so happy spilling my own guts, but… it’s like being Spider-Man. I think Peter Parker keeps his identity secret… so someone won’t hurt Mary Jane. This is why Iron Man is kind of a d—k, ’cause he doesn’t care.”

Are you excited for Crashing Season 2? Are there any guest stars you want to come back for an encore? Sound off in the comments below!

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