Game of Thrones: Who Do You Want to See Get White Walker'd Next?

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Sunday’s Game of Thrones.

Now that you’ve had almost a whole day to deal with your grief over Viserion’s untimely death — and subsequent, shocking transformation into a flying minion of the Night King — we need you Game of Thrones faithful to pull yourselves together and help us with something of utmost importance: Casting votes for who should next get the blue-eyed treatment.

Might Jorah, so recently recovered from greyscale, wind up a member of the evil army of the undead? Perhaps the white walkers will be the one enemy Cersei can’t outwit? How about another Lannister succumbing to the mouldering multitudes? Or maybe Daenerys and Jon’s budding romance will be cut short by a cold, dead hand? (And don’t feel bad if you’d really like to see a fan-favorite character put into deep freeze: Your reasons are your own.)

Maybe the zombie scourge won’t take another life until the upcoming final season. On the other hand, maybe it’ll take place as soon as next week’s finale. Listen: If seven seasons of the HBO hit drama has taught us anything, it’s that death comes for everyone… so you might as well have a little fun while you can. In that spirit, cast your vote via the poll below, then hit the comments to elaborate!