Power Debrief: Can We Talk About Who (Kinda) Killed [Spoiler]?

Power Recap Season 4 Episode 8

You’ve had a day for this week’s insane Power episode to sink in, so I’d like to call a meeting of the ZOMG What in the What-What Just Happened? committee. All members present and accounted for? Good. Let’s dig in.

Sunday’s episode, “It’s Done,” marked the end of a long-running arc on the show: Mike Sandoval’s murder of Greg Knox, and all of the tap dancing the Assistant U.S. Attorney has had to do to cover his tracks since the death happened last season. Not only did we get Sandoval confessing to a wire-wearing Angela that he was the one who put the fatal bullets in Greg, we saw him arrested and taken into federal custody. And that’s when things started getting really interesting.

Because Mike knew so much about so many people, there was little doubt that he’d eventually gain amnesty for singing like the slimy canary that he was. He’d likely also be guarded well in prison, which meant that Ghost, Tommy and Proctor — when they learned about what had gone down — knew they had to act quickly and definitively if they were going to avoid his naming them in all sorts of RICO-charge badness.

“If it’s gotta happen, it’s gotta happen now,” Tommy said, moments before calling Tony Teresi (whom he now fully believes is his long-absent father) and commissioning a hit within the jail. Tony was happy to do his kid a favor, and just like that, Mike was dead of a severed carotid in the hospital infirmary.

BUT HERE’S WHAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. Earlier in the episode, Angela turned off her wire when Mike started mentioning some stuff that might not be beneficial to her continuing her career as an upstanding agent of the law. “You’re not a murderer. You’re a witness,” she informed him before Donovan and everyone else busted in. Her little aside implied that she had a master plan. And she did — but it wasn’t to help Mike. It was to cover her own tush, and maybe get a little #Justice4Greg in return.

It didn’t become 100 percent clear until the end of the episode, but when Angela crouched over Sandoval’s corpse and whispered in Spanish, “That was for Greg,” we knew: She’d orchestrated everything so that he’d wind up in the federal lockup, in the hopes that someone with a vested interest in silencing the crooked AUSA would take him out for good. And they did!

There was lots of other messed-up stuff that happened during the hour (example: Tariq witnessed his second murder in three weeks, which is not a good average), but I keep coming back to Angela’s badassery: Good lord, what is this woman going to do next? (And is it wrong that I can’t wait to find out?)

Enough of what I think: What was your take on this week’s Power