Teen Wolf Recap: Bullet Proof

Teen Wolf Recap

The hunted became the hunters on Sunday’s Teen Wolf as Scott’s pack decided to get proactive (bro-active?) about their latest supernatural dilemma.

The investigation into the murder of Beacon Hills’ other shirtless hellhound reunited Scott and Malia with Argent, who swore he hasn’t stamped a bullet since Allison died. So then who gave Ms. Monroe the one that killed poor, shirtless Halwyn? Our answer came in the episode’s final moment when that old bastard Gerard emerged from the shadows to congratulate BHHS’ new guidance counselor on her “raw talent” for hunting werewolves.

Of course, Grandpappy Argent didn’t simply show up to pat his apparently protégé on the back; he also saved her from the clutches of Brett “Eight-Pack” Talbot, whom she’d been tracking throughout the episode before trapping him with a literal ball of wolf’s bane.

As if often the case with Brett, it was his cockiness that ultimately sealed his fate. Liam had brought him in to whip some of the lax team’s lesser players into shape, but Brett’s innate desire to show off his wolf-like strength on the field caught the attention of Ms. Monroe — as well as Mason, who would have gladly traded places with Corey at the bottom of that pile-on.

(Side note, because I don’t know where else to put this: Now that we know Scott and Malia are getting together in the final 10, I find myself keeping a closer eye on their interactions. And although it might not have been the most romantic topic, things definitely got flirty during the pair’s chat about being hunted throughout their lives — even by their parents, in some cases. “Scalia” is happening, folks. Get ready for it.)

Elsewhere this week…

BACK TO THE BASEMENT | After deducing that the card-reading sound Lydia heard in her premonition came from the depths of Eichen House, Parrish reluctantly returned to the gang’s old stomping grounds — only to remember exactly why they vowed never to go back. It turns out the “doctors” killed every supernatural in the closed unit out of fear, and if Lydia had arrived seconds after she did, Parrish would have joined them all in… I don’t know, wherever the supernatural characters on this show go after they die. The CW?

WHAT IS ‘IT’? | Much of this season’s mythology remains a big fat question mark, but Sunday’s episode took us a few steps closer to figuring out what the hell is going on. For starters, we learned about more about Halwyn, who had been living in a “state of hibernation” in the basement of Eichen House — which he apparently built — since 1912, as a precautionary measure “in case it got out.” We still have no idea what “it” is, though Mason’s description (“a supernatural that’s so powerful that the only safe place to put it is in the Wild Hunt”) is a good start.

LONE WOLF | The opening of this week’s episode added Theo back into the mix, and although I’ll deny ever typing this, I actually found myself feeling bad for him. Like, the dude wasn’t hurting anyone — for the first time in literally forever — and just wanted to catch a few z’s in the back of his truck. But thanks to the Beacon Hills Police Department, a gross (imaginary?) spider, and a few trigger-happy hunters, Theo’s beauty rest was not to be. When executive producer Jeff Davis told us that Cody Christian’s character was being introduced “in a big way” this week, he wasn’t kidding.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Any theories about what “it” is? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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