Teen Wolf Boss Previews Theo's Return, Reveals the Scene's Surprising Origins

Teen Wolf Spoilers

Cody Christian‘s character makes his highly anticipated return to Teen Wolf on Sunday (MTV, 8/7c) in a dramatic montage that, believe it or not, almost didn’t happen.

“The episode originally came up short,” showrunner Jeff Davis admits to TVLine. “One of the editors told me we were short, and I’m like, ‘Well, we have to introduce Theo in a big way.’ So we added it in.” (Editor’s note: Having seen the montage in question, I can confirm it’s a damn good thing it was eventually added in.)

Without giving too much away, Davis says Theo’s re-introduction “was meant to show who he is without the pack. You’re going to see what he’s been up to recently and it’s not great. He reappears in a big way.”

During TVLine’s interview with the Teen Wolf cast at San Diego Comic-Con, Christian defended his character, explaining why he thinks the fans love Theo despite everything he’s done.

“I’m playing this guy who’s manipulative and conniving, but I guess not diving too deep into it,” he said. “When people try to play a character that’s just a son of a bitch, some people take it too far. For me, his perspective is the right perspective. I don’t think he looks at himself that way. All of his actions are justified.”

Added Davis, “What Cody brings to it that I love is that, yes, Theo is a bastard and a very bad guy — but Cody shows what’s underneath. Theo just wants to be loved.”

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