Power Sneak Peek: An Angry Ghost Tells Tasha 'You Had One Job!'

Now that Power‘s Tariq is safe, his dad wants answers about how the teenager ever became entangled with Kanan. And far be it from us to give Ghost tips on how to handle his wife, but maybe don’t utter the phrase “You had one job!” when Tasha’s already hot and looking for someone to slap?

Because, as you’ll see in this exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode (Starz, 9/8c), Mrs. St. Patrick is more than ready to light into her husband in name only when he accuses her of falling down on her maternal duties while he was in prison.

“One job?! I was dealing with your lying son, on top of scraping together money for your bail,” she informs him, launching into a litany of all the other business she held down while he was chilling in an orange jumpsuit. And don’t even get her started on Angela, whose name comes up toward the end of the clip (and inspires its mosts NSFW bits).

Per the official episode synopsis, Ghost’s new business venture with Simon Stern puts the entire St. Patrick family back into the public eye. Tommy returns to New York and promotes Dre. Mak suspends the prosecution team, leading them to start their own investigation of Greg’s murder.

Oh, and there’s this: “Tasha seeks out Silver’s help, and their relationship deepens.” Innnnteresting.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments: What else should Tasha have said in response to the whole “one job” thing?

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