Dave Chappelle to Colbert: Trump Will Pave the Way for More Informed Voter

Comedian Dave Chappelle raised eyebrows last November when he appeared on Saturday Night Live and said he was going to give then-President-elect Donald Trump a chance. Nine months later, he still doesn’t believe a Trump presidency is all that bad for the American voter.

Defending his SNL monologue to Stephen Colbert, Chappelle argued that “it’s not like I wanted to give him a chance that night.” He then tried to find the silver lining in the current presidential administration.

“In the last six months, I think we’re all getting an education about the presidency,” Chappelle said. “I don’t know that I have ever heard… people discussing ethics this much, and I didn’t realize how ethics are supposed to work at this level of government. [Trump’s] putting all of this stuff at the forefront.

“If you remember, in that monologue… I contextualized it, because I feel like a lot of white Americans have finally gotten to see what an election night looks like for many black Americans every cycle,” Chappelle continued, referring to Hillary Clinton supporters in this context. “This is how traction works… Donald Trump is the other foot. Good foot, bad foot, good foot, bad foot…” And with that, Chappelle believes that the commotion surrounding the Trump presidency “speaks to how effective Obama’s presidency was.”

“I think we’re making moves. I think [Trump] is going to make a more informed and better voter,” he concluded. “He’s a polarizing dude. He’s like a bad DJ at a good party.”

Press PLAY on the interview excerpt above (Trump talk begins at the 5:33 mark), then tell us if you agree or disagree with Chappelle’s thoughts on POTUS.