Game of Thrones Season 7 Photos: Khaleesi at the Brink, Theon Arrives, Cersei Strategizes in Buzzy Episode 4

HBO hasn’t released a description for Sunday’s Game of Thrones (9/8c), “The Spoils of War,” which is rumored to be a doozy. So we officially have absolutely no idea what’s going to take place in the fourth episode… save what we can infer from photos released Wednesday.

The glimpses from the hour, along with the official preview video above, paint a picture of a frustrated Daenerys who can’t believe she’s already losing the war for the Iron Throne. Theon also apparently arrives at Dragonstone, which likely doesn’t help lift anyone’s spirits: That guy hasn’t been any fun since Season 2.

Meanwhile, Cersei and khaleesi consult their trusted advisors, Brienne and Pod look wary (but that’s pretty standard) and Jaime and Bronn ride… and you just know Lady Olenna’s kickass last words are still ringing in the Kingslayer’s ears, right?

Lest we forget, the trailer shows us that Arya is within seeing distance of Winterfell. But given that she was once a lot closer to The Twins circa the time of the Red Wedding, yet still never made contact, we’re not holding our collective breath.

Click through the photo gallery above to see what the premium cabler has released in advance of the episode, then hit the comments with your predictions!