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Game of Thrones: Will Tudor (Sort of) Apologizes for Dooming Loras Tyrell

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More than a year after Loras Tyrell was burned alive in the Great Sept, TVLine is finally interrogating the man responsible for putting him in the line of (wild)fire.

Before recurring on Freeform’s Shadowhunters, Will Tudor was busy stirring up trouble of a different sort on Game of Thrones. His character, a prostitute/spy named Olyvar, carried on a seasons-long affair with Margaery’s late brother — one which ended when he, under Cersei’s instruction, exposed Loras’ homosexual acts for which formal charges were brought against him.

But as you’ll recall from the Season 6 finale, Loras’ “trial” ended early when — once again under Cersei’s instruction — the Great Sept was consumed by wildfire, killing everyone inside… including Loras and Margaery.

“There was a mixture of emotions about that,” Tudor admits. “When you get the script, you go, ‘Oh no!’ I mean, you love these characters. I was a massive fan before I joined the show, so I already knew the characters very well. So that guilt is definitely there, where you’re just like, ‘Oh my goodness. What is this guy doing?!'”

But does he regret his character’s decision? Not really, to be honest.

“As an actor, it was really exciting,” he adds. “This opportunistic young man is coming in and grinding these gears just for his own benefit. He’s someone who’s thinking about himself, and anything he can do to improve his own standing in the world, he will do. I got very lucky with that.”

Tudor concludes, “As a human being, I was sorry. As an actor, I was sorry… then not sorry… and then sorry again.” (Something tells me that faux-pology wouldn’t satisfy Lady Olenna.)

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