Salvation: Can Liam's Romance Survive Asteroid? Plus: Brutal Beating Ahead!

A world-killing asteroid is heading towards Earth, so we made sure to keep our Comic-Con interview with Salvation‘s Charlie Rowe and Santiago Cabrera short and to the point.

As CBS’ summertime newbie enters Week 3 (airing Wednesdays at 9/8c), our first order of business was checking in on the fate of Liam’s sweet romance with Jillian, the sci-fi author from whom he must hide this armageddon-y news. Rowe tells TVLine Executive Editor Kim Roots that the stakes and secrecy indeed make things “harder” for the nascent lovebirds, but as he and Cabrera go on to reveal, Jillian may go from being a “problem” (as Darius recently put it) to an interesting ally.

Also in the video Q&A above, the actors tease an “intense” Episode 4 and a “shocking” Episode 5; Rowe shares how living with not one but three astrophysics has helped his asteroid-fighting game; and Cabrera offers an update on the prospect of telling more Big Little Lies on HBO.

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