iZombie Cast Teases 'Tense' Season 4, Full-Frontal Nudity (?!) Ahead

Newly promoted series regular Robert Knepper wasn’t on hand when the cast of iZombie stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite — but the love for their co-star was truly palpable.

“He’s not getting my trailer,” Rahul Kohli insisted, setting up executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright to suggest that Knepper is “just going to get a double-wide [trailer] to piss you guys off.” Robert Buckley, on the other hand, stressed that he’s not about to start calling Knepper “dad” just because he’s on set all of the time.

All jokes aside, the cast seems eager to get to work on Season 4, which promises to be a bit of a reinvention of sorts after revealing the undead to the world at the end of Season 3.

“It’s pretty tense,” Ruggiero-Wright told TVLine’s Executive Editor Kim Roots about the next run of episodes, which pick up after a three-month time jump. “When it was first revealed [that] there were zombies, there was a mass exodus. But the people that were left behind with the zombies are now walled in, so now you have people who are afraid for their lives and unable to get out, and then you have people on the opposite end of the wall who are like, ‘Oh, there’s people in there that can scratch us and make us live if we’re sick? We want to get in there.’ It just creates this more dramatic backdrop for our stories.”

Also promised ahead of iZombie‘s midseason return: follow-up on that “very sweet” moment between Ravi and Liv, in which the two exchanged platonic “I love yous” after Ravi asked that she scratch him, possibly turning him into a zombie.

“The outcome of that whole thing is resolved,” Kohli promised. “You find out in the first episode. The fans don’t have to wait six or so episodes. You find out in the first one—”

“And that’s all you can say,” Ruggiero-Wright interjected, cutting Kohli off before he could tease more.

Other topics on tap in the video Q&A above include bringing Liv’s family back into the fold; Clive and the newly undead Bozzio’s upcoming struggles with intimacy; and the potential for full-frontal nudity from… well, we’ll let you find out for yourself.

The CW’s iZombie Season 4 premieres at midseason.

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