iZombie @ Comic-Con: Robert Knepper Promoted to Series Regular in Season 4

iZombie Season 4 Spoilers

iZombie shook things up in its third season by revealing the undead to the world — and the surprises have only just begun.

The cast and executive producers of the CW series — Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley, Rahul Kohli, David Anders, Aly Michalka, Rob Thomas and Dianne Ruggiero-Wright — assembled for the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday to tease what’s next for Liv & Co:

* “Season 3 was a dream,” Thomas joked atop the panel, explaining that revealing zombies to the world was always part of the show’s long-term plan. “Admittedly, we … might have gotten there a little sooner than we thought.”

* As for how Liv feels about the crisis in “New Seattle,” McIver said, “At least she has this community of people around her who know and support her. … It’s going to be interesting what side of the fence she falls on. Her position on the whole thing will find a new identity for her throughout the season.”

* “I love playing the human dynamic,” Kohli said. “It’s what the audience can connect with.” He did, however, admit that it’s “tempting” to want to play a zombie.

* “He’s going to be there for [Dale] just like he’s been there for Liv,” Goodwin said of Clive in Season 4.

* And is Major firmly #TeamZombie? “He’s had a pretty rocky road,” Buckley acknowledged. “He’s kind of found a home in Fillmore Graves. It provides him with a sense of purpose, which he hasn’t had. It also gets his mind off the whole ‘girlfriend exploded’ thing.”

* “It’s fun to have Blaine back to his old mustache-twirling ways,” Anders said, cueing up the big reveal: Robert Knepper (aka Blaine’s father) will be a series regular in Season 4.

* “Angus is going to get out of the well, and he’s going to be up to no good, and he’s going to have some very hardcore pro-zombie people on his side,” Thomas revealed. “There’s going to be a human terrorist organization that doesn’t want any human-zombie fraternization. This is not about one big bad this year. It’s coming at our characters from all sides of the spectrum.”

* Thomas also teased lots of “friction” between Major and Liv — and not the good kind.

* Lastly, “There will be a gentleman that Liv will take a fancy to, named simply because of the ‘shipper name that will stem from it,” Thomas teased.

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