Pretty Little Liars: A.D. Is Revealed in Series Finale — Did You Guess Right?

Pretty Little Liars Series Finale

A.D. may have driven off into the sunset on last week’s Pretty Little Liars, but they were back in full force for Tuesday’s series finale — and just in time to reveal their true identity!

That’s right, folks, we no longer have to refer to A.D. by a gender-neutral pronoun. We finally know with exact certainty that A.D. — the latest masked monster to terrorize the good-ish people of Rosewood, Penn. — is none other than Spencer’s evil twin, Alex Drake!

The big reveal went down in the middle of the two-hour series finale, following Mary Drake’s escape from prison. (Nice going, Rosewood PD!) Spencer awoke in a mysterious bunker, where she was confronted by — wait for it — Alex Drake, who had no idea about her relatives in Rosewood until Wren met her at a bar in London.

And Alex has been in Rosewood ever since, assuming Spencer’s identity on multiple occasions — including the last time she slept with Toby after Yvonne’s death. (For what it’s worth, I did think it was a little suspicious for Spencer to show such little respect for the dead.)

Were you totally blindsided by A.D.’s reveal, or did you see “Alex” coming all along? Grade the series finale, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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