Pretty Little Liars Recap: Charlotte's Killer Is (Finally) Revealed

Pretty Little Liars Recap

With only two hours left in its run, Pretty Little Liars used its penultimate episode to answer one of its longest-standing mysteries: Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?

The Freeform drama has served up countless red herrings since Charlotte’s demise back in Season 6; practically every Rosewood resident from Melissa to Byron has been suspected at one point or another. But now, following a series of disturbing revelations, we know that Charlotte was killed by none other than… the exact person we all speculated it would be after seeing those sneak peek photos from tonight’s episode.

After cornering a frumpily dressed, psychologically reverted Mona in the bell tower, the girls got the full story from the night of Charlotte’s demise: Mona almost pushed Charlotte to her death after exchanging some less-than-kind words about their mutual identity crises. There was a struggle, and Charlotte’s neck was accidentally impaled by something sharp sticking out of the wall. (So Mona didn’t technically stab Charlotte, but I’m pretty sure a jury would convict her.)

In fact, why not just watch it play out?

But Mona isn’t the one who ended up paying for her crimes — not this week, anyway. On their way out of a graveyard, where they intended to hide Archer’s corpse, the Liars were literally bulldozed by Detective Tanner, who couldn’t have looked more thrilled to finally catch these meddling kids doing… something.

Fortunately, Mary Drake came through at the last minute, taking full credit for the Archer and Jessica’s murders. The only piece of information she wasn’t willing to fork over was the name of the accomplice who helped her make it look like Archer was still alive.

Elsewhere this week…

* Mary surprised Spencer and Alison with a “going away” gift: the deed to the Lost Woods Resort, which they can use to get money for the lawyers she knows they’ll need when s–t really hits the fan.

* Alison feared for the future of her baby, not wanting him or her to have a childhood like Charlotte’s; Emily insisted, “I won’t let them hurt you.”

* We finally got to see the “He’s coming for you” scene in Alison’s classroom play out in present day… only it turned out to be Emily’s dream. (Does anyone else feel kind of cheated?)

Did you predict Charlotte’s killer, or did PLL manage to pull one over on you? And what are your hopes for next week’s (gulp) series finale? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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