The Ranch Part 3 Tackles Illegal Immigration In Episode 5 Twist

Just getting started on your The Ranch Part 3 binge? Circle on back to our premiere recap, then return when you’ve reached the halfway point.

If you don’t expect your sitcoms to begin with a Fuller House edition of F—k, Marry, Kill, then end with a recurring character getting deported, then clearly you’re not watching The Ranch.

In Episode 5, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are once again reunited with former That ’70s Show costar Wilmer Valderrama, who reprises his role as Umberto. The half-hour finds Colt, Rooster, Umberto and Abby heading off to a weekend ice fishing tournament, and culminates with Umberto revealed to be an illegal immigrant.

The unexpected twist occurs after Rooster disobeys orders to stay back and take stock of the herd. While fishing, he receives a call from Neumann’s Hill employee Rich, who previously told him that working overtime wasn’t a choice, but an order passed down by their boss. In response, Rooster pretty much tells Rich to go shove it, and that he’ll return to work on Monday.

Colt, Abby and Umberto try to convince Rooster to get back to Garrison and back to work. Umberto, who also works for Neumann’s Hill and recently bought his first home, is especially perturbed that Rooster essentially decided for him that he didn’t need the overtime pay. Overwhelmed by the situation, Rooster picks himself up and heads to a bar 50 miles down the road. Colt and Umberto eventually catch up to him, where they all get into a bar fight and wind up getting arrested.

Once at the jailhouse, officer Billy (recurring guest star Ethan Suplee) breaks the bad news to Umberto: Because of his arrest, the authorities have caught wind of his undocumented status. Alas, he is being deported. Colt is initially shocked by the news, having had no idea that his best friend was in the U.S. illegally, but above all else is clearly devastated. Asked by Rooster why he never told them, Umberto says “there was no upside [to telling you]. We live in fear every day. Five miles over the speed limit and it can ruin our lives. Why would I want to put that on you, too?”

Before he goes, Umberto exchanges hugs with Rooster and Colt, promising he’ll see them again one day — presumably when Valderrama has a week off from shooting NCIS.

Are you surprised to see Umberto get deported? What’s more, how are you feeling about The Ranch midway through Part 3?

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