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Famous in Love Cast Debates Those Sexy, Deadly Season Finale Cliffhangers

Famous In Love Season 2

The future of Famous in Love may still be up in the air, but that isn’t stopping its stars from speculating about what Season 2 might have in store.

The Freeform drama’s first season finale, which made its network debut on Tuesday, presented us with two big cliffhangers, beginning with the question everyone will be asking until the show (ideally) returns for round two: Who shot Barrett Hopper?

Given the characters’ scattered whereabouts towards the end of the episode, there are a number of potential suspects, and the actors aren’t above accusing anyone — including their own characters. “I’m not going to lie, Jordan is on my list,” Keith Powers tells TVLine, a theory shared by several of his co-stars, including Perrey Reeves (aka Nina).

Speaking of Reeves, a number of actors — including Carter Jenkins (Rainer) and Niki Koss (Alexis) — are pointing the finger at Nina, or as Koss theorizes, “someone who works for Nina.”

Either way, series star Bella Thorne isn’t too worried. “Whoever it is, it’ll be someone who you can still see eye-to-eye with afterwards, I think,” she tells TVLine. “You’re not going to hate them for doing this.”

And then there’s cliffhanger No. 2: Following Jake’s 11th-hour arrival at the Locked press conference, will Paige choose to be with him? Or is she firmly committed to Rainer? Once again, the cast has some thoughts…

Naturally, Jenkins is pulling for Paige to pick Rainer, while Charlie DePew is pretty confident that Jake still has a shot with his old roommate. But Thorne’s answer just might surprise you:

“I like Paige and Rainer together,” she tells us. “Personally, when I’ve dated somebody not in the business, they just don’t understand. It’s easier to be with someone who understands that when I’m posting on social media all the time, it’s not just for fun. It literally pays my bills.”

Of course, Thorne also points out that Paige “gets with all the characters in the books at some point, so no one will be disappointed for too long.” (Good point!)

But the biggest cliffhanger of all remains: Will Famous in Love get a second season? Grade the finale and drop a comment with your thoughts on the show’s future below.

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