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Famous in Love Stars Weigh In on Killer Finale Cliffhanger: Whodunnit?

Famous In Love Finale

Friendly warning: The following article reveals one of the cliffhangers from the Famous in Love season finale. If you don’t want to be spoiled, get to streaming!

It’s the question all of Hollywood will be asking when Famous in Love (theoretically) returns for a second season: Who shot Barrett Hopper?

Given the tempestuous relationship and complicated history between Barrett and Nina — not to mention the fact that she literally threatened his life in the pilot — we’re all supposed to assume that Mama Devon had something to do shooting. But when you’re talking about a character everyone wants out of the picture, the pool of suspects widens considerably.

TVLine went directly to the show’s stars for their theories on the big mystery:

BELLA THORNE | “Personally, I think it was Nina or Jordan. Or the studio head. … What was his name? … Alan! Or, you know, it could be Tangey, because you’d still like her character after that. Whoever it is, it’ll be someone who you can still eye-to-eye with afterwards, I think. You’re not going to hate them for doing this.

CARTER JENKINS | “We all have our own conspiracy theories, but no one knows. Well, maybe someone knows, but not me. I don’t even know who I want it to be, but I definitely wouldn’t put it past Rainer’s mom.”

KEITH POWERS | “I’m not going to lie, Jordan is on my list. But so many people have different motives for why they could have done it. And you never know with Barrett — he’s trying to get so many stories about people, so it could be none of us. It could be someone from a whole other pool of people.”

CHARLIE DEPEW | “I don’t think Jake did it. My only guess I have now is that Nina had something to do with it. That’s all I can really say that I’m fairly positive about. But knowing [executive producer] Marlene [King], who knows?”

PERREY REEVES | “No one has any idea, but I feel like it could be Jordan. It could be Jordan’s mom. Or it could be me! We’ve set it up so that it could be so many people, you’re just like, ‘Oh my God.’ And if it wasn’t Nina, she could have hired someone. She would stop at nothing, let’s get real.”

NIKI KOSS | “I feel like it’s someone who works for Nina, and I feel like Nina’s getting framed. I don’t know, I could be really off.”

Who do you think shot Barrett? And do you think he’s actually dead? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your extended theories.