The Originals Recap: Kol'd as Ice, Not Willing to Sacrifice His Love

The Originals Recap

I’d like to say two things about Friday’s episode of The Originals: First, it was easily the finest hour in an incredibly strong season. Deeply emotional and completely relentless, it was simply the show at its best. Bravo, all.

My second thought: If you were at all surprised by the fact that Kol decided to betray his family, I encourage you to revisit Season 3… of The Vampire Diaries. Kol may have inherited the Mikaelson jawline, but from the moment he entered the TVD-verse, he hasn’t exactly been down with the whole “always and forever” thing. So with Davina still linked to The Hollow, you bet your sweet glowing totem he’d do whatever it took to keep her safe.

Unfortunately, his secret brilliant plan — to throw his family off course while he enlisted Hope’s help in severing Davina’s link to The Hollow — didn’t stay secret for long… and was never actually brilliant to begin with. After stomping out the totem, Klaus would have done the same to Kol’s skull had he not invoked the name of Her Holiness Cami O’Connell. “What if it was Camille?” he yelled. “What if you could bring her back?”

And with that, Klaus let Kol go, allowing him and Davina to drive off into the sunset moonlight. But this is still The Originals, so that happy ending didn’t last long; the episode’s final moments revealed that The Hollow has possessed Hope’s body.

EX MARKS THE SPOT | Part of Kol’s plan involved using a dark object to trap Marcel and Rebekah under one roof, forcing them to confront something much more terrifying than The Hollow: their feelings! Their conversation began, as so many do, with Rebekah calling Marcel’s new squeeze a trollop. And it ended, as they also often do, with someone burning the damn house down.

And only on The Originals would you hear a couple argue like these two. Can you imagine telling your ex-girlfriend, “We were in love for two centuries, and now we’re starting fires just to avoid each other”? Or what about lashing out at your ex-boyfriend because you found out he was literally trying to kill your family while you rested in a magical coma? Though I wish Marcel had formally broken things off with Sofya first — come on, he’s a gentleman — I’m still happy that this fight ended with a kiss.

PAINFUL PASTS, UNCERTAIN FUTURES | Across town, Hayley and Freya encountered their own unique set of difficulties in their mission to take down The Hollow. After going unconscious, Hayley “awoke” in her happy place — and while I’ll admit to audibly gasping at the sight of a non-dead Jackson, I also knew that this pretty picture was too damn good to be true. And it was. Had Klaus not smashed the totem, Hayley would have been choked to death by a vision of her dead ex-husband.

Or was it him? The fact that Hayley’s vision assumed Elijah’s form in its final moments was deeply disturbing, as was her subsequent speech “to” Jackson in the bayou. (Was she talking about Hope? Is she going to send her off to attend Alaric and Caroline’s school, as executive producer Julie Plec hinted to TVLine back in March?)

Freya, meanwhile, was fully conscious while battling her inner demons, which took the form of a dying Keelin to exploit Freya’s fear about her new girlfriend’s inevitable demise. And as much as I’d love to sit Freya down and tell her everything is going to be all right, I can’t do that. For one thing, this show has a history of murking those the Mikaelsons love. Also, I don’t have magical powers that allow me to enter my television. Yet.

Additional Thoughts…

* It’s a shame that handsome and/or beautiful faces aren’t among The Hollow’s weaknesses because — and keep in mind that I watch a ton of television — The Originals might have the best-looking cast in the business.

* I hate to admit it, but I kind of slept on the Josh/Davina relationship the first time around (i.e. before she died for a second time). I guess, like so many characters do on this show, I didn’t appreciate what they had until it was gone. But they really do have such a beautiful, enduring friendship. I didn’t cry, but I got reeeeeal misty-eyed when she thanked him for visiting her grave. … In other news, does anyone have a copy of Practical Magic I can borrow?

* TV shows have a long history of crapping out once kids are added into the mix, but The Originals is actually thriving as a result of Hope’s arrival. For one thing, she forces these tortured characters to actually explain how they feel. Out loud!

* Not only is Summer Fontana a phenomenal young actress, but she also gets the best lines. My personal favorite was her response to Klaus when he tried to put her to bed while Elijah was being resurrected: “I don’t like to sleep when things are happening.” (Me neither, girl. Me neither.)

* I also loved Kol’s line to Hope: “You are remarkably well adjusted.”

Let’s talk: Did you love this episode as much as I did? (If so, what was your favorite part? And if not, why not?) Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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