Fall TV Preview
Flash Season 4 Thinker DeVoe

The Flash Scoop: Season 4 Villain Is Exactly Who You Think It Is — Cast Him!

The following will come as little surprise to The Flash fans who were paying attention during the last six episodes of Season 3: Barry Allen’s next adversary — once he finds his way out of the Speed Force prison, that is! — will be Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker, sources tell TVLine. (Reps for the CW superhero series had no comment.)

Season 4 will thus mark the first time that the Crimson Comet will not clash with a sinister speedster — just as showrunner Andrew Kreisberg first revealed in March at PaleyFest: “Next season we’re not going to have a speedster [as the Big Bad].”

DeVoe’s eventual introduction was first hinted at during a March episode in which Abra Kadabra, an Earth-19 metahuman from the future, told Barry, “There’s Thawne, Zoom, DeVoe… but none of them hurt you like Savitar.” Then in last month’s season finale, Barry’s future time remnant known as Savitar said while surveying S.T.A.R. Labs, “This is where we came up with the cerebral inhibitor… to use against DeVoe.” When Barry asked about that name, Savitar shrugged, “You haven’t gotten there yet.” (Watch video below.)

In DC Comics lore, DeVoe is a legal eagle-turned-supervillain who wields technologically derived telekinesis and mind control — abilities that in the TV series’ narrative he perhaps acquired during the particle accelerator explosion. Across his assorted print incarnations, The Thinker has been the genius mastermind behind the works of other criminals, as well as a onetime recruit of the Suicide Squad.

Casting is now underway for a 40something actor to play what one might call “the fastest mind alive.” Who’s your pick to taunt Team Flash this fall?

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  1. KingShark says:

    How about Zeljko Ivanek?

  2. It only took 4 seasons for them to finally stop repeating the exact same story? Wow.

    It’s crazy how few of Flash’s enemies in his rogue’s gallery actually have superspeed yet that’s all the TV show seems to want to do. It’s much more interesting when Flash has to overcome something totally different from his own powers instead of this constant story of “I have to be faster!!”.

    • Ben says:

      It is about time. My wife has given up because it’s always the same (I think she gave up for good around the time of Grodd’s return). There are some villains it’s good to see back (eg, Trickster, Captain Cold) but many others where it just feels like retreading the same ground with nothing new.

      Flash did a couple of things really well this season, like adding Julian. But for every good thing there were 5 steps back – like Jessie moving to be with Wally and then leaving three episodes later, or the four episode long cycle of meaningless engagement, breakup and engagement again.

  3. idk if its just me but all that stuff just mention above about his abilities seems pretty badass

    • herman1959 says:

      OK, but I just hope he didn’t get his powers from the particle accelerator explosion. I’m tired of hearing about it.

      • Mike says:

        Well yeah, that and as seasons go on it increasingly strains suspension of disbelief that these meta humans conveniently wait in line for the arcs of previous villains to complete before showing up. Why is the Thinker just showing up now as the explosion is more and more distant? Can’t make Flashpoint every year, right?

      • Jacob says:

        They could be a result of that speed force storm in the finale

  4. Azerty says:

    As every summer for the past few years I will repeat myself by saying: Tom Welling!!!

  5. David S. says:

    How much you want to bet they get lazy and make him be another alternate Wells?

  6. Nick says:

    “This is where we came up with the cereal inhibitor… to use against DeVoe.”

    Are evil Corn Flakes trying to take over the world? Has Tony the Tiger and Cap’n Crunch gone to the dark side?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Well played. And fixed. (My new desktop computer has a strange, aggressive algorithm for autocorrecting.)

      • Jeff says:

        Now if this were 1966 and Batman was on, a cereal inhibitor would be a great idea. On-screen sound effects like SNAP! CRACKLE! and POP! would be a natural fit!

  7. Anonymous says:

    John Simm. This show needs a fun, scenery chewing villain

  8. kate says:

    I think they might have to change his profession because they don’t want people to be complaining he is just a super powered version of Prometheus. And they can’t just rest on their laurels and have him be a scientist or a professor, they’ve done that too. All for an engineer because they are entitled to make Prison Break references even if Snart isn’t around.

  9. Lysh says:

    Michael Rosenbaum. Idk. Glad it’s not another speedster.

  10. Mary T says:

    Maybe he got his powers from the particle accelerator or maybe he got them from the speed force lightening storm that happened in the finale. They already demonstrated that a portion of the speed force in the form of the sorcerer’s stone would give others powers and that they weren’t all speedsters. Magenta was one of those given powers that way and she manipulated metal.
    Is Zachary Levi busy?

  11. Mike says:

    Have they specifically referred to Devoe being Male yet?

    The quotes above don’t.

    Just out of curiousity. Could open things up a little…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, they are casting a male as Clifford. .

      • Mike says:

        Okay. Some of these shows take liberties with that sort of thing to throw people off. I know the character was male in the comics.

        At this point I’d just follow the usual formula:
        A) are they available and not too “big” of a name for a CW show?
        B)has their show just been cancelled?/pilot not been picked up?
        C)have they worked with Berlanti before?
        Especially given the previous castings of Victor Garber and Tom Cavanaugh. People like known quantities.
        So I’d be looking at maybe Sam Jaeger or Josh Stewart. Both have worked on his shows before but I don’t know if they’re available. Stewart especially is probably busy given his IMDb page. But dang he could do the creepy thing well.

  12. Two possibilities who would be in the right age range — Jamie Bamber (BSG, Law and Order UK) or his onetime lookalike castmate from the UK’s Horatio Hornblower movies from the late 1990s, Ioan Gruffudd (whose one season series from CBS currently airs on the CW Seed streaming service) Ioan and Jamie are both 43-44 years old.

    • chuckiechk says:

      Ioan was apart of the CW when he was part of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s one-and-done show “Ringer”. “Forever” was an ABC show

    • opheliablack says:

      Thanks so much for the heads up! I’ve been wanting to rewatch this show and couldn’t find it on ABC or HULU.

  13. Jason says:

    I like TVLine’s suggestion of David Giuntoli from Grimm. Though, there would have to be a a scene with The Thinker and The Atom during the crossover next year. Ian Somerholder, Matt Davis, Steven McQueen, Michael Malarkey, Michael Trevino, or Zach Roerig all from TVD.

    • S K says:

      Agreed to Giuntoli…even though he’s a little younger than the age range in the casting notice, I agree that he’d be an excellent choice (and, since he moved to Portland while working on “Grimm”, it wouldn’t be *quite* as long of a commute to Vancouver, B.C…? OK, still kinda a journey).

      Now, if only they could find a female Rogue for Elizabeth Tulloch to play for a couple episodes with him!

  14. Tasha says:

    I vote for Giovanni Ribisi

  15. ToyCannon says:

    Ryan Philippe or Noah Wyle

  16. Mo says:

    Good start. I hope he’s the big bad for 1 of several arcs & not the season’s.Hope the next thing we hear is how Barry is going to be hero & not team flash’s or Iris’s socket puppet. Or that the team will be rotating to fit the stories & not packed in like sardines into every ep.

    • David Knowles says:

      They could do it pod format. So it Devoe manipulating different set of villains and then the final pod be them finally discovering the person behind the bad guys increasingly sophisticated schemes

  17. leolaporte says:


    • Mike says:

      Meloni has a new show on Syfy now. “Happy”. Probably not available.
      Would’ve been interesting though.

  18. NunayaBidness says:

    For better known names, I would pick KevinMcKidd or Oded Fehr. For not quite as well known names, let’s go with Johann Urb, Jason Behr or Cam Gigandet.

  19. Shaun says:

    David Giuntoli or the guy who played Constantine :D

  20. jason says:

    Russell Hornsby from Grimm. Can handle a more meaty role from his time on Lincoln heights but also can do humor

  21. Ted says:

    How about Bertie Carvel from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell?

  22. peterwdawson says:

    Eh, leave Barry in the Speedforce for a couple of episodes before letting him out.

  23. Linda says:

    Tom Welling or Michael Rosenbaum. :)

  24. Jessica says:

    Tom Welling

  25. Andy says:

    Tom Mison

  26. Lily says:

    I gotta be honest, I think The Flash is the kind of show that would benefit from a much less serialized approach in terms of threats. The show needs to get back to being lighthearted and funny, and a season long villain that casts a shadow of doom over the whole season (because he can’t be defeated until May) is a problem. How about spread some two or three parters throughout the season instead? Make it more of an old-fashioned, episodic villain of the week show, with ongoing character stuff. Cast some fun, campy actors who do good villains, like Abra Kadabra. I’m glad this guy’s at least human, and not another “monster in a mask” like Zoom and Savitar. Maybe that could be an improvement. As a lawyer he could interact more with CSI Barry and Joe at CCPD, get us out of Star Labs, which is suffocating the show in terms of location paralysis. I want more of Barry’s secret identity and day job, more of him outside in Central City, interacting with the citizens as a hero on a regular basis.

    • Shae says:

      I agree with Barry needing to interact more with citizens. I think their new HQ should be underground too. More secretive. Plus, Star Labs is just sitting there with expensive tech, and The Flash is rumored to have technical help in Central City. . . high tech technical help. Put two and two together. . . people aren’t that stupid in real life. They’d know by now.

    • herman1959 says:

      You are preaching to the choir – I’ve been saying the same thing for some time.

  27. Jason says:

    I think Daniel Stewart ( the son of sir Patrick Stewart) would be good in the role.

  28. Redep says:

    -Mark Pellegrino
    -Henri Lubatti
    -Jimmy Simpson
    -Jeremy Sisto
    -Balthazar Getty

  29. Dominique says:

    i like the suggestions people made of josh stewart of oded fehr! josh certainly has the creepy thing down to a tee while simultaneously is capable of drawing you in like no one else.
    with oded fehr, they could make up for not casting him as ra’s al ghul on arrow, which i still think was an atrocity.
    i would also gladly accept ioan gruffudd or ennis esmer, who is just absolutely delightful on blindspot.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ioan G. would be perfect – I thought of him too – but, I believe he’s in the cast of UnReal.

  30. John says:

    How about Mark Sheppard?
    He’s no longer on Supernatural and we all know how CW likes to recycle their actors

  31. Ryan says:

    Julian McMahon. Do it.

  32. David Hess says:

    Too bad Jonny Lee Miller isn’t available.

  33. Scribe says:

    Tim Roth.

  34. Katie_Mead says:

    If he’s not too busy with Outcast, I could see Hoon Lee as The Thinker. Mind you, Nelsan Ellis seems to be available, and while a little young, this is theCW, and he’s pretty enough for that channel. Enver Gjokaj has been off-screen for too long, or I could see Gabriel Mann in the role quite easily.

  35. Brodie says:

    Ultimately doesn’t matter who they cast… They’ll throw in a speedster as a villain at some point. Oh, and count on a new cast member being introduced as someone OTHER than DeVoe, only for him to be DeVoe in the big reveal.

    I’m a huge Flash fan, but even I’ve gotten sick of the show’s stories.

  36. Anthony says:

    First person I pictured was Jason Isaacs, but he’s way outside the age range they’re casting (even though in the comics, The Thinker’s usually been drawn older). And “40something” also means Naveen Andrews is just a tad too old, but man I’d love to see either of them as a villain in the Arrowverse.

    I’ll propose, if one more UK accent on the show wouldn’t be too many (assuming Julian is returning for season 4): Sean Maguire or Jamie Bell (if he’s not filming another season of “Turn”).

  37. Mm says:

    michael rosenbaum

  38. Brett Wilson says:

    David Anders

  39. Deena says:

    Julian McMahon was the first person who popped into my head. Jeremy Sisto would be great too.

  40. herman1959 says:

    Too bad they wasted Tom Amandes on Arrow playing Felicity’s father. Yes, I know he’s not “40-something”, but I always love him as the evil genius.

  41. Scott says:

    Kelsey Grammer

  42. Jason Bielski says:

    Will Bell and Biv be henchman?

  43. BarryFlash says:

    Nathan Fillion, Michael Rosenbaum, Jon Hamm, Ken Jeong

  44. Kim says:

    Enver Gjokaj. He’s 37. He’s well regarded in the geek community. He is likable and smart looking. You wouldn’t expect him to be a bad guy, then wham.

  45. Laura says:

    Hoon Lee would be great.

  46. Gift says:

    Hey guys, don’t act as if the last three season wasn’t a fun ride. I always say it’s the execution that matters right? I know who ever they cast as season 4 villain will be great so let’s hopefully wait and see yes?

  47. andremar says:

    Craig Parker maybe?

  48. katsssblog says:

    There are some pretty good sugestions, but I just can’t see some actors who played really known roles in new show so soon. Like Tom is Ichabod and for me he will always be that, sure he is going to find another job, but it is too soon for me to see him in this sort of series that is based on comics where people are going to judge it so much. (on side that he is 34, and it is said 40 something) And Michael Rosenbaum is great, but he will always be Lex Luthor for me. It would be very weird to see him in The Flash, I would rather see him in Supergirl as Lex masterminding something in prison. :)