iZombie EP Previews Jason Dohring's Fillmore Graves Debut — Plus: Watch His 'Badass' Soldier in Action

Jason Dohring is bringing some of his Logan Echolls charm to iZombie.

The Veronica Mars alum kicks off his recurring guest arc as Vivian Stoll’s brother-in-law Chase Graves in tonight’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), and he’s arrived just in the nick of time.

“He’s one of the Fillmore Graves soldiers who’s been stationed overseas and who has come back for this crisis” at the company, executive producer Rob Thomas previews, adding that Chase’s homecoming will stir up the question of, “Who is running things at Fillmore Graves? Who’s philosophy about tomorrow do you subscribe to?”

The Veronica Mars creator has long wanted to bring Dohring onto the undead series, but scheduling issues —namely the actor’s recent recurring role on The Originals — kept getting in the way. Now, Thomas is finally getting his chance to reunite with Dohring, who has changed pretty significantly in one way since the late UPN/CW series’ end: “Jason has gotten so fit,” Thomas notes. While all that muscle means Dohring might look the part, “I feel like he came in, and he was sort of just delivering this badass military guy,” Thomas shares. “After a couple of episodes, I said, ‘Bring some of that charm back. Don’t just give me military guy. Bring me some of that sly charm.'”

After watching a cut of Episode 12, Thomas enthuses, “He’s so good in it. So I’m really excited. I think he’s found the sweet spot for the character.”

Press PLAY above to watch Dohring wake up the undead in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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