The Voice Top 10 Results Show Recap: Were the Right Singers Sent Home?

the voice recap top 10 results

This recap of The Voice’s Top 10 results show practically wrote itself — before the episode had even begun. After Monday’s performances, I was so sure that Mark Isaiah and Lilli Passero were toast that I was already thinking of how to analyze their downfalls. (For him, youthful inexperience from which not even his poreless teen-idol complexion could distract forever; for her, inconsistent performances and a few song selections that smacked of sabotage.) But was I right to count them out?

Prior to learning which singers received the fewest votes, we were treated to a performance of “I Could Use a Love Song” by Maren Morris, who it was interesting to realize wasn’t as impressive as Lauren Duski, and “Attention” by Charlie Puth, whose falsetto it wasn’t a surprise to hear was everything poor Mark’s isn’t. (Also: hot song.) And as for the vocalists advancing to the semifinals…

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake)
Chris Blue (Team Alicia)
Lauren Duski (Team Blake)
Hunter Plake (Team Gwen)
Jesse Larson (Team Adam)
Brennley Brown (Team Gwen)
TSoul (Team Blake)

Bottom 3

Lilli Passero (Team Adam), “Stormy Weather” — Grade: B- | Lilli needed to be freakin’ flawless at this point to save her butt. And she got off to a pretty strong start — certainly better than Monday’s best-forgotten “Unforgettable.” There were a coupla moments of pitchiness, but overall, very good. Just probably not good enough to buy her a reprieve.

Mark Isaiah (Team Adam), “Sorry” — Grade: D | Oh dear. This was just painful. I don’t want to kick a kid when he’s down, but this was so bad that, instead of sing, he should have just said “sorry” and been done with it. For this, we lost Stephanie Rice? In a word: ugh.

Vanessa Ferguson (Team Alicia), “For Once in My Life” — Grade: B | The song choice seemed a little middle-of-the-road and dull for Vanessa, especially since she hadn’t rearranged it in some new, novel way. However, the appealing rasp in her voice, the confidence with which she sang and especially that last note made her seem like a shoo-in to advance to the semis.

Saved: Vanessa Ferguson

Eliminated: Mark Isaiah, Lilli Passero

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