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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, Once, Chicago Fire, Elementary, Blindspot, The Flash, NCIS and More!

How will Arrow‘s finale deliver a “double whammy”? Can Once Upon a Time‘s Rumple survive another test? Which Chicago Fireman is getting a new adversary? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I am excited to have Katie Cassidy coming back to Arrow (on May 17), Black Siren is a badass villain. What can we expect? —Diana
You can expect… badass villainy. “She comes back as part of Chase’s plan,” says co-showrunner Wendy Mericle. ” Chase knows exactly what he’s doing, and he understands how unsettling seeing somebody that looks like Laurel Lance is going to be for the rest of the team,” her “dad” Quentin included. “And from a writing perspective, it’s just fun storytelling. Katie Cassidy does an amazing job as Black Siren, and seeing her take on Dinah, or her take on Lance, is going to be fun.”

This will be the first Arrow season finale that does not take place in Starling City. Can we expect the same kind of intense fights, or will this be more of an emotional showdown? —Nicole
Both,” answers Wendy Mericle. “One of the fun parts of having Prometheus and Oliver going toe-to-toe this season has been they’re both really great fighters, but by the same token, Prometheus is a tremendous psychological villain and he’s going to hit Oliver right where it hurts. That’s going to be a double whammy for him in the finale.”

Can I get any scoop on Chicago Fire‘s Kelly Severide? _Caylynn
In addition to grieving Anna’s death, the firefighter will soon have a new (adversarial?) colleague when Casey’s buddy Kannell joins the Firehouse 51 team. So will the two men get along? “Severide, as he is with anyone, you gotta earn his respect,” executive producer Derek Haas says. “So that’s going to be part of the story.”

Anything to tease about Blindspot‘s Roman, for this Luke Mitchell fan? Please? —Susan
As the season winds down, “Roman and Jane’s relationship is about to be tested like never before,” series creator Martin Gero tells Inside Line. “It’s going to make for a thrilling last few episodes of the season.”

Are we ever going to find out why Once Upon a Time‘s Black Fairy wants to kill Emma? She’s got Rumple back in her life. Why does she still need Emma dead? —Mary
“Just because Rumple is back in the Black Fairy’s life, that doesn’t mean a happy ending is guaranteed,” series co-creator Adam Horowitz notes. “Let’s face it — when darkness wants to prevail for all eternity, destroying light is usually on top of your to-do list.”

Love Inside Line, but desperate for some scoop on Once Upon a Time‘s Rumbelle. Is there a happy ending in sight for The Golds? —Iz
As one might surmise, given Rumple’s betrayal of the heroes and his and Belle’s desire to save Gideon, “Belle and Rumple are going to be tested,” says co-showrunner Eddy Kitsis. “Everything that they ever wanted is going to be very temptingly close for Rumple. But like everything, it comes with a price.” The season finale’s titular Final Battle “will be thematic for everybody,” Kitsis added, “and Rumple, as a man who is a difficult man to love, will have a very difficult choice to make again.”

Will the black-ish spinoff starring Yara Shahidi make it to the 2017-18 TV season? —Max
That and other possible new series orders will reveal themselves in the coming days, as Upfronts Week kicks off Monday, May 15 (with NBC and then Fox), followed by ABC (Tuesday), CBS (Wednesday) and The CW (Thursday morning).

Will we ever see Supergirl‘s Mon-El in a super suit? —Jen
T’would be nice to see the boy do his thing not in street clothes, and ideally by the Season 2 finale. When we delivered your Q to showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, he answered, “I can’t say right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you got to see that.”

Any scoop regarding Elementary? — Jordan
Trying to take down SBK isn’t the only thing on Sherlock’s mind. This Sunday’s episode also introduces Joanna Christie (Narcos) as “a woman who, once upon a time, meant a great deal” to the P.I., executive producer Rob Doherty shares. In fact, the mystery lady is so significant that “her resurfacing is going to disorient” Sherlock during the investigation.

Any last teases for the Criminal Minds Finale? I am excited/nervous that [REDACTED] has returned! —Leigh
Criminal Minds still has a few spots left to fill on the May Sweeps Scorecard…..

When will Halt & Catch Fire‘s final season start up? I can’t find any hard date, thank you! —Phil
No exact date has been announced by AMC yet, but you can count on a summer premiere.

I’m a vet and really enjoy The Last Ship. When will it return to TNT? —Paul
I am hearing that despite the production hiatus (which pressed pause on shooting the 2018 season), Season 4 is still set to debut this summer, exact date TBA.

Any clues on NCIS season finale storyline? —Amber
During our May Sweeps/Finale Preview Q&A, co-showrunner George Schenck said the events of the finale “might” hint at a tweak to the team for Season 15. “It gets to a point where there will be a lot of tension,” he said. “Roles will change, maybe.”

File this under wishful thinking, but could there be another twist with The Flash‘s Savitar? —SSH
I don’t know if I’d call this a “twist,” but this is as good excuse as any to relay one final, fun tidbit from my set visit. As I watched them shoot Savitar’s Episode 20 warehouse convo with Killer Frost (photo, right), the speed god referred to our Barry Allen using a curious, eight-letter word — one that was eventually cut from the scene. Hmm….

Real questions, real answers! If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Steve says:

    Flash’s 8-letter word: Imposter?

  2. Jennifer says:

    “Criminal Minds still has a few spots left to fill on the May Sweeps Scorecard…..”

    OK. This kinda scares me … any hints?????

    • The Rookie says:

      Cliffhanger with Prentiss, Tara, Luke, etc in trouble

    • Angela says:

      Adding to The Rookie’s mention, I also have a feeling all of this season’s craziness could impact one or more jobs among the team. I could see the higher ups threatening to push Emily out of her unit chief position because of all the sneaky things she did to try and help Reid, and Reid himself still has yet to be officially reinstated to the team as well, so something could come up that could impact those chances, too. And then next season we could see them fighting to regain their jobs.
      I’m also really hoping Reid’s mom won’t join the list of fatalities, but I’m bracing myself for that possibility regardless :/. It would be great if the show could find a slot or two among a happier part of the sweeps scorecard, though! Here’s hoping!

  3. Phillip says:

    Flash 8-letter word: murderer?

  4. Really? You redact that Shemar is on the finale when it’s been all over the internet. Lame!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Dude. That’s not the name I redacted. Just protecting those who may not have seen last episode yet. (Apology accepted.)

  5. Josh says:

    Flash-original. My theory is he is one of the time remnants that is used to fight savitar (future flash said something about creating time remnants and Savitar will kill almost all of them).

  6. Nicole says:

    I don’t ever want to see Mon in a suit. He’s done nothing to deserve one. He is only there because his mom is the Big Bad. He doesn’t use his power to help anyone. When he has used them was to make Kara like him and honestly that’s lame for him to be and for her to like him in the first place. I wish she’d flung that pod into space.

    • Butch says:

      What powers? Maybe he is strong but I do not remember him using any powers. In the comics he has the same powers as Superman but on Supergirl what powers has he shown?

      • Nicole says:

        He’s strong and I believe he can jump reall high. He’s not bulletproof or have freeze breathe or anything like that.

  7. Mo says:

    Savitar called Barry “original,” because he’s a defective time remnant/copy that came out more like Sebastian Smythe than Barry Allen.

    • Mo says:

      Alternately he called Barry “impostor” like someone else suggested, because Savitar considers himSELF the original even though he isn’t.

    • AnnieM says:

      ” he’s a defective time remnant/copy that came out more like Sebastian Smythe than Barry Allen” — Mo, you win the internet for that one. X-D

  8. Gaby says:

    Monel has ruined Supergirl’s season 2. He’s sexist, childish, entitled, treats Kara in a way her last love interest never would (why do they insist on forcing the romance is beyond me), doesn’t care about helping others and tHey still wanna write his journey as a hero! We saw the Kara/Monel romance develop from his point of view, the focus is all on his feelings, it’s not even about her, all on a show about a strong female superhero. Reviewers have tackled the issue many times, saying “Supergirl has a Monel problem” and AV club has said the focus on Monel’s feelings and growth have taken so much of the season it gives no time to develop other people or focus on the main for that matter. Need I say more? He needs to go

    • Nicole says:

      Preach. He’s a terriblely written character and it saddens me that people like him so much.

    • Mary says:

      I would think he’d have to go in some way or other with his mother bringing in a fleet of Daxamite ships. Either she ends up dead and he has to leave to lead his people (if he didn’t do that, it would show that he really hasn’t changed), they both end up dead, or he is seriously injured due to Rhea’s actions and he has to be sent off to save his life. She’s already proven that she can’t be convinced to just leave him behind.

    • Jane Q. Doe says:

      I agree with y’all. The introduction and focus on this character (who isn’t interesting enough or worthy of it at all) to the detriment of all the others, including Kara herself, has driven me away from a show I used to adore. I’m baffled at even the small amount of support this storyline got, except inexplicably from TPTB at CW.

      It wasn’t perfect last season, and there have been some good things about this one I guess, but on the whole probably the biggest disappointment I’ve ever had for a second season. Talk about a slump…there’s no way I recommend Supergirl like I did the first season. Now I’d warn people NOT to watch.

      Here’s hoping they wrap up strong (Cat Grant save us!) and realize what a mistake Mon-Ugh has been and ditch him for Season 3. It’s hard to imagine coming back to this show if they continue to push this toxic relationship.

    • Kepler says:

      Disagree. Mon El is the first guy Kara has had any kind of chemistry with. Karas light, like it always does, shone on him and he’s working to be a better man now that he’s seen his faults. Please stop pretending this isn’t all biased because of yalls personal favorites (i saw the comment of Sexist somewhere so I think I can safely assume there’s one or two SuperCorps fans complaining). Mon El is a wonderful addition and if they know what they’re doing, they’ll keep him around for a long time, if for no other reason than the fact that Kara so rarely has chemistry with the actors that come on the show. And they’re never going to make her gay so that takes all women out of the equasation. My only complaint is that I do wish Maggie and Mon El could take a little of a backseat to Alex and Kara getting some nice scenes. In glad they’re both dating someone but sisterhood is what started the show

    • Agent 86 says:

      I’m not sure he needs to go, but he has definitely been a problematic character with his unhealthy obsession with Kara and lack of any kind of coherent characterisation.
      I still find it bizarre that he acclimatised to Earth so very quickly (including learning the language, adopting local customs, etc) and that he wasn’t at all concerned or upset about learning his entire world and everyone he ever knew was dead. The character “moved on” in the space of an episode and then set about using his newfound powers to make money as a thug. When challenged by Kara, he then decided he wanted to be a hero, but has only been “heroic” when seeking to protect / help Supergirl, which is nonsensical (since she can wipe the floor with him in her sleep) and patronising (since Supergirl’s doesn’t need her “man” to help her save the day).
      The actor is somewhat charismatic, but they really should have developed a storyline for Mon-El that didn’t solely revolve around his unhealthy obsession with Kara. It really appears that he just latched onto Kara because he had nothing better to do with his time. If they’d independently developed him as a wannabe hero or had shown him having trouble adjusting to life on Earth, being depressed about being the sole survivor of his people or potentially even seeking out planets with a large Daxamite population and planning to move there to feel more “at home” than it would have been preferable.
      Even his journey from selfish, entitled playboy to humble bartender seemed to happen in the span of five minutes and it’s crazy to think that he’s somehow forgotten an entire lifetime of memories, attitudes, judgements, opinions, etc as Prince of Daxam.

  9. Diana says:

    Arrrgh, I’m not very good at word guessing games. An eight-letter word…I’m assuming it has some significance to Savitar’s identity. I’ve seen someone elsewhere suggest he might have used ‘original’ to describe our Barry.

  10. Kyle says:

    Mon El is a great addition to the show. His relationship with Kara is sweet and feels natural. They’re opposites in many ways but the fish out of water concept for him is interesting development. I don’t understand all the hate.

    • Nicole says:

      Sure he’s so cute that he called her need to do the right thing her most annoying quality. Mon-El is a trash character. He adds nothing but a pretty white face. What was the reason Kara didn’t date James? Because she wanted to figure herself out but the second Mon shows up she’s jealous. They don’t even have any chemistry. She had more chemistry with the one off guest star kid.

      • Rylie says:

        It wasn’t the second he showed up though. It wasn’t until halfway through the season.

        • Nicole says:

          Yup. He’s a poorly formed character from the start. Which is when he showed up. Real tired of people acting mon has added anything. His whole purpose is to be the reason the big bad came.

  11. The only thing Sherlock needs is a better time slot. A woman to distract him? Joan, find a man to make him jealous!!!

  12. Cindy Everly says:

    Not a good story line if you didn’t like the Laurel Lance character I was glad when she left the show . She was the X girlfriend and he was with her sister she should of been lost just like Tommy character was . Sarah should of broke up with Oliver as friends and should of been in a relationship with the woman she loved.

  13. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    “Will the black-ish spinoff starring Yara Shahidi make it to the 2017-18 TV season?”
    Based on the back-door pilot, I doubt it. With ABC, you never know, though.

  14. Larc says:

    If any tweaking is done on NCIS, I hope they “tweak” 2 or 3 characters out and replace with more interesting ones.

    • Bella says:

      Like Quinn. I like Jennifer Esposito, but I don’t see what her character adds. And MI5 agent Reeves, I like him, but he’s in there so sporadically, I don’t see what he adds, either.

    • SuperChic says:

      I’m in total agreement. Jennifer Esposito adds nothing to this cast. Her performance is flat and just doesn’t show the strength of the character with her supposed training and background as an NICS agent/trainer. Wilmer Valdarama’s character can really be sent away on another long term undercover assignment. Don’t like his performance.

      A bright spot for me and maybe for Gibbs would be a relationship with the Park Ranger. They had great chemistry.

      And last. With the events that recently took place on NCIS-LA, I’d love to see some interaction with Vance and Hanna. Both lost wife’s due to their jobs. Those would be great episodes.

    • KLS says:

      If tweaking means getting rid of new people and not adding replacements, I am all for it. The writing team hasn’t shown that they can add new characters well, even after 20 episodes.

    • Barb says:

      We can still get rid of Bishop. Just can’t warm up to her. I love Jennifer Esposito but agree it seems like they haven’t given her much to work with. I like the two new guys but again, they need to develop the characters more. People loved Ziva because she was given such a deep background. Let’s try developing some of these new ones….

  15. Daniel says:

    Kill mon el off and you have yourselfs a perfect season 3 supergirl.

    • Gaile says:

      He isnt going anywhere people cant wait to see him in the suit

      • Nicole says:

        He’s probably going to find a actual New Daxam and leave earth. He hasn’t been signed to an extension. Mon-El is a dude bro for sure.

  16. kelly says:


    • Nicole says:

      How is that what you can up with from what you read? He’s going to lead his people and leave earth.

  17. clintbrew says:

    i can see Mon El suiting up as conner kent black T shirt with the Red S and jeans unless they decide to set up Kon El in s3 also predicting Death of supergirl will be the season cliffhanger barry will get stuck in speedforce in the flash and oliver stays on the island in arrow and sabrina the teenage witch will turn up in riverdale dazed and confused

  18. Mary says:

    Mon-El has been wearing a DEO black uniform, not street clothes.
    Been thinking it’s a good thing that Barry apparently knows nothing about red kryptonite, or else as Savitar he would have hopped worlds given some to Kara and had her cause trouble on his Earth or Earth 38 in the future. Unless he did and she just laughed at him when he said that they were both gods now (he’s more of a demi-god compared to her) and sent him back to Earth 1. Oh, that could be a way to explain the burn scar on his face – Kara used her heat vision on him.

  19. kitsunesaru says:

    My guess on Rumple’s choice: he will have to decide whether to destroy his mother or not. If he does, he becomes the savior again, paving the way for Jennifer’s exit.

  20. CC says:

    /that/ was the supergirl burning question? really? how are the media and the producers so out of touch with their audience? no wonder s2 was so mediocre, if they still think we don’t want mon-el out of the show/spotlight….

  21. ABC says:

    I thought Adrian was smart… Why would he recruit such a useless flop?

    Not looking forward to Cassidy’s return. She brings nothing to the show even as a villain. I’m just hoping that she isn’t the big bad for next season. That would be an enormous 500000 steps down from the awesomeness that is Adrian Chase.

  22. JoMarie says:

    Is CodeBlack renewed? We also enjoy Elementary, though it needs some tweaking.

  23. Tammy Summers says:

    Anything on NCIS LA

  24. Jimmy says:

    Laurel lance as black canary is weak. Sara lance as black canary is awesome!! I like laurel lance but she should be a lawyer or something else. She’s just not compelling as a superhero. She looks silly when she uses her scream technology. I want Katie Cassidy back but not as a superhero.

  25. Agent 86 says:

    Lol. It’s pretty amusing that so much of Mon-El’s character this season has been proclaiming his desire to be a “hero”, yet we’ve seen him do very few heroics (and usually only in a misguided attempt to help / protect Kara, as opposed to independently being a hero for the “greater good”) and Winn still hasn’t designed and sewed a costume for Mon-El. After some initial training, we also haven’t seen Mon-El and Kara sparring in quite a while.
    I guess all of Mon-El’s talk about being a hero takes a backseat to his work as a bartender, although I thought the DEO was paying both Kara and Mon-El a salary, so there doesn’t appear to be any need for Mon-El to be working as bartender when he could be a super-powered agent for the DEO. Then again, it would also be more logical for Jimmy to be working as a DEO agent in the Guardian super-armour which Winn stole from the DEO instead of running amok as a vigilante (and neglecting his duties as head of CatCo, a platform which would provide him with the opportunity to do far more good and to help far more people than he ever can as the Guardian).

  26. Pat says:

    NCIS———I definetly believe, that Ducky is retiring. Jimmy has been groomed to take over.

    • Sherri says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this is true. David McCallum is in his 80’s.

      • Jennifer says:

        That’s what I thought at the beginning of this season. I may be wrong, but I think his contract is up at the end of next season. My thought is that they will give him dementia/Alzheimer’s like his mom by the end of next season. I will miss Ducky, tho. Love him so much.

    • Tara says:

      That would make a lot of sense especially looking at the reveal that Jimmy has all the qualifications this season. Man I would miss seeing and hearing Ducky though I have to say!

  27. datdudemurphy says:

    I’m thinking that eventually, Mon-El will end up in the Phantom Zone for an extended period of time

  28. Brennan says:

    I have a feeling the abc executives wanted Jennifer Morrison to announce her decision to leave the show *before* they renewed it to see the fan reaction and judge if people will watch without her because they knew it’d be a risk. Let’s hope they take note and end the series on a high note, meaning with next weeks finale. Not interested in a season with only half the cast, ESPECIALLY if they kill Emma right after her and Hook’s wedding. And the writers would totally have the nerve, too.

  29. Guraria says:

    8 letter word : ‘tachyeon” device.

  30. Guraria says:

    The 8 letter word which BarrysAllen is using is – ‘tachyeon’ device.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You think Savitar referred to Barry as a tacheyon…? Uh, no. (For one, it’s spelled tachyon.)

  31. Maisy says:

    Katie Cassidy plays Black Siren pretty campy OTT (looking at you, weird drunken sway parading as a strut), so a little goes a long way. It will be interesting to see how campy BS interacts with the pared back grittier BC/Dinah. Looking forward to Paul bringing it as Quinton seeing his ‘daughter’, I hope the writing is solid for that as it could be amazing to see BS and Quinton face each other- will emotion over rule logic?

  32. Erika says:

    What does the future of Riverdale look like? I just found out that Frequency and NoTomorrow didn’t get approval for another season. And I love Riverdale! Can you give me anything hopeful?

  33. G says:

    Same old boilerplate from Kitsis about Rumbelle. He’s been saying that Rumple’s “a difficult man to love” for six seasons now. No wonder the show is stuck in a rut if he can’t even switch up his talking points.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Fitting that I finished as I started, disappointing Rumbelle fans! (Albeit as the only site to regularly cover them.)

      • G says:

        Not complaining about your coverage, Matt, but about Kitsis saying the same thing to every question. You’re not the one disappointing us; he is.

  34. Quit watching NCIS with the 2 new additions they detracted and that means they did nothing for the show get some real actors in their place