King of Queens Reunion Wraps Up In Kevin Can Wait Finale — Grade It

Kevin Can Wait closed out Season 1 on Monday with an episode that doubled as a conclusion to the two-part King of Queens reunion between Leah Remini and Kevin James. (Looking for a recap of Part 1? Click here.)

The episode began with James’ current and former on-screen wives finally coming face-to-face, with Vanessa asking Donna how she ever puts up with Kevin. (“Just pretending to be his wife gives me agita.”) Kevin and Vanessa then hit the road to attend Domingo and Maritza’s art show in Boston. Upon checking in at the hotel, the bickering cops argued over who would get the bed and who would get the pullout, before Vanessa let Kevin have it for taking advantage of the minibar. (Are we sure this wasn’t just a lost episode of The King of Queens?)

Later, Vanessa snuck out to attend the art show without Kevin, purposely letting her unwanted partner sleep in so she could solve the case on her own. Unfortunately for her, housekeeping eventually woke Kevin up, who arrived at the art show threatening to blow their cover if she refused to work with him. Domingo then approached the duo, revealing to them that the art wasn’t actually stolen or counterfeit, as they had suspected. He was, however, using the event to distract from the real crime going on at a nearby warehouse: As Kevin and Vanessa would quickly discover, Domingo was smuggling narcotics across state lines.

Almost as soon as Kevin and Vanessa cracked the case, an armed Domingo approached Vanessa, revealing to her that he knew that she and Kevin were undercover cops. Kevin then attempted to swoop in from above — Paul Blart: Mall Cop style — to take out Domingo, but his efforts miserably failed. As a result, the drug smuggler tied both of them up, giving the cops ample time to work through their issues. It was then that Vanessa revealed that the reason she loathed Kevin was because he once embarrassed her on the local news following a big case. Kevin apologized, and once untied, the partners set out to take down Domingo. Within seconds, though, Domingo arrived on the scene held at gunpoint by Maritza, who would reveal herself to be a undercover FBI agent. (It doesn’t quite make sense that Kevin and Vanessa were left in the dark about her true identity this entire time, but let’s not get hung up on the details.)

After returning home, Kevin learned that Donna had gone ahead and quit her job after being passed up for a promotion at school, meaning both of them are now unemployed. Kevin insisted that he had no intention of going back on the force full-time, but the door was at least left open should the writers come to their senses decide that the show is in need of a creative overhaul as it enters Season 2.

Were you pleased with the conclusion of The King of Queens reunion? And perhaps more importantly, how are you feeling about Kevin Can Wait as a whole at the end of Season 1? Weigh in via our polls, then chime in below.

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