Leah Remini Arrives on Kevin Can Wait: Grade the King of Queens Reunion

Ten years after Carrie Heffernan last twisted husband Doug’s nipple on The King of Queens, one-time TV marrieds Leah Remini and Kevin James were once again at odds on Monday’s Kevin Can Wait.

Remini’s arrival kicked off a two-part season finale, aptly titled “Sting of Queens,” during which former cop Kevin agreed to come out of retirement to go undercover with rival officer Vanessa Cellucci (Remini), where they were forced to pose as husband and wife.

It wasn’t too long before Kevin and Vanessa found themselves bickering: Kevin almost jeopardized the op by nerding out over the contents of a cheeseburger (déjà vu, anyone?) whilst at lunch with white-collar criminals Domingo and Maritza, who were suspected of stealing priceless works of art. After receiving a call, the thieves made a beeline for the nearest exit.

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Later, Vanessa turned up at Enzo’s, telling Kevin that they had to get to Domingo and Maritza’s apartment immediately. Once there, the officers scoured the place to see if it was bugged, where Kevin nearly blew their cover (again!) when he broke a ceramic giraffe sitting on the coffee table. Domingo and Maritza then invited their “happily married” couple friends to a weekend art show in Boston where Kevin and Vanessa would likely find the stolen art. Forced to follow through on the mission, Kevin reluctantly forfeited his ticket to Mets training camp in Florida, which was to be held that same weekend.

Attempting to look on the bright side, Donna told Kevin that the force must really need him if they’re sending him on an out-of-state mission. Cut to Vanessa, who was informing their sergeant that Kevin was completely useless to her on this particular case.

Did you enjoy Part 1 of Kevin James and Leah Remini’s hour-long reunion? Grade the episode via our poll, then chime in below. (Click here for a recap of Part 2.)

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