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The 100: Who Won the Clash of Clans? Who Didn't Survive? And What’s Next?

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A dozen (or so) of The 100‘s fiercest warriors faced off in a fight to the death on Wednesday, knocking several fan-favorite players out of the game for good.

Let’s start with the first major death, the one Marie Avgeropoulos calls “heartbreaking.” Midway through the battle royale, everyone’s favorite philosophical farm boy took an arrow through the neck — shot by Echo, who doesn’t even go here! — and begged Octavia to put him out of his misery.

“Ilian really softened Octavia at a time when she was heading at mach speed down such a dark path,” the actress tells TVLine. “He was a very thoughtful person, and his way of thinking was completely different from what Octavia’s was after Lincoln’s death. … That relationship made his death even more sad. When he asks her to take his life and she repeats the prayer he taught her, it broke my heart. He was such a sweet character, and a sweet guy in real life.”

This week’s episode also bid adieu to Roan, who was drowned in a fountain by Luna after getting caught in a torrential downpour of black rain — certainly not the dignified death one would expect for a king.

“It would have had to happen anyway, since this was a fight to the death, but the fact that Octavia and Roan had just formed an alliance before the acid rain came — I think she felt a little guilty,” Avgeropoulos says. “Octavia had a lot of respect for Roan, and he had a lot of respect for her. He really recognized her warrior nature. But at the end of the day, Octavia was fighting for her people.”

Following Octavia’s victory, she decreed that while she initially entered the fray on behalf of Skaikru, she decided that the bunker should be shared by all of the clans, an act that Avgeropoulos believes “shows how much Octavia has grown.” Unfortunately, it was all for nothing; the episode’s final moments revealed that Octavia’s people had already locked themselves in the bunker. (Bellamy, it should be noted, played no part in that plan.)

“At that point, Octavia doesn’t know that Bellamy was gassed,” the actress says. “For all she knows, he was on board with the plan. No one really knows who called the shots just yet. … But how incredibly devastating for Octavia! It shows that her own people didn’t believe in her all along. She was out there literally shedding her blood for them, and they went and stabbed her in the back.”

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