The 100 Boss Previews Octavia's Identity Crisis in Season 4: 'Who Is She Now That Lincoln's Gone?'

The 100 Season 4 Trailer

If you thought Octavia’s quest for vengeance ended when she killed Pike on The 100‘s third season finale, you’re in for a rude awakening when the CW drama returns for Round 4 this February.

“Octavia’s story in Season 4 is amazing,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine. “She’s got quite a journey ahead of her, and it gets darker before it gets lighter. She’s taking a detour into assassin land. She’ll do whatever she feels she needs to do to hide the pain from the loss of Lincoln.”

In addition to hiding her pain, Bellamy’s sister will also attempt to forge a new identity for herself.

“Who is she?” Rothenberg asks. “She’s not Skaikru. She’s not Trikru. Who is she now that Lincoln is gone, and that her brother — in her mind — is responsible for so many difficult choices? They have some work to do on their relationship. It’s too bad there aren’t any family therapists in this future.”

Though there’s hope for the siblings to mend broken fences, Rothenberg acknowledges that any sort of healing is going to take a while.

“Part of Bellamy’s journey is realizing that Octavia is her own person and that he needs to let her figure things out for herself,” he explains. “He feels incredibly protective of her. His identity, in my ways, is wrapped up in her existence. He feels like her parent, and like all parents, he needs to realize that you have to let your children fly on their own at some point.”

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