The 100 Season Finale Recap: Who Didn't Survive the Fight Against ALIE?

The 100 Recap

Clarke ordered up a whopping flame with a side order of chip(s) on The 100‘s third season finale — and the brave li’l Commander of Death got exactly what she paid for.

The artist formerly known as Wanheda took a trip to the City of Light (formerly known as Downtown Vancouver) on Thursday, where she encountered a few familiar faces. But none were more important than Lexa, who appeared as if from nowhere to save her beloved from a swarm of ALIE’s goons. (Side note: I don’t care if we all knew the “Clexa” reunion was coming; I still gasped when that damn queen showed up, swords a-swingin’.)

The ladies also bumped into the likes of Jaha and Jasper during their hunt for ALIE’s kill switch, but thanks to an outside assist from Raven, Clarke was able to sidestep the battle and head directly to ALIE’s lair, where she came face-to-face with both the evil A.I. and her creator! (It was kind of like that cheat in Mario Bros. 3 where you got to jump straight to end of the game, but in this case, Mario is a gorgeous blonde.)

ALIE tried to prevent Clarke from hitting the kill switch by sharing the world’s most uncomfortable bedtime story: Once upon a time, there were a dozen nuclear facilities just waiting to blow, should the kill switch be engaged. “In less than six months,” the story goes, “96 percent of the earth’s surface will be uninhabitable, even for those born in space.” It was a twisted tale with an even more twisted ending: Clarke chose to hit the switch! (And was I the only one not comforted by her “We’ll figure something out, we always do” speech?)

Meanwhile, in “reality”: Bellamy and Pike attempted to stave off an angry army of chippies (that’s what I’m calling them, OK?), all the while suppressing Octavia’s thirst for revenge, and Murphy scrubbed in to help Abby keep Clarke’s blood supply stable. All seemed to be OK when Clarke hit the kill switch, as even the chippiest of chippies immediately came to their senses — yes, that includes Jasper — so I think it’s safe to finally close the book on this seas…

Oh my God, Octavia just killed Pike. Blackout. What?!

The 100 fans, we have a lot to talk about: Did the finale live up to its hype? Did Clarke’s reunion with Lexa provide any closure? And what do you make of Octavia’s final blow? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.