Supergirl Recap: Strange Bedfellows

Supergirl Recap

Monday’s Supergirl revealed new details of Rhea’s master plan, although I’d argue that one crucial number was omitted: her budget!

I mean, let’s start with that wardrobe. Between the outrageous (snakeskin?) jacket she wore during last week’s episode and the picture-perfect suit she sported in Monday’s episode, it’s possible the most powerful weapon in her arsenal is, in fact, her credit card. And then there was the trip to the fancy restaurant, during which Rhea wined and dined Lena in an attempt to forge a business partnership.

(Side note: In my brain, there’s an entire season’s worth of episodes in which Rhea learns how to pose as a human. Like, who taught her how to make restaurant reservations? Or does she have “people” for that? Sexy people, I’ll bet.)

Unfortunately for Rhea, Lena’s a good listener, so when Rhea slipped up and thanked “the gods,” Lena knew she was lying about her earthly backstory. But fortunately for Rhea, Lena also has a soft spot for broken families. So even though her new friend began their partnership under false pretenses, Lena eventually agreed to sign on the dotted line and help to construct her interstellar…teleportation…something-or-other. (Look, not all of us have fake diplomas from MIT, sorry!)

Of course, most of Monday’s episode was devoted to Alex’s kidnapping, a harrowing ordeal that — following some pretty intense friction between Kara and Maggie — led to a certain fan-favorite couple swapping L-bombs. (For Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima’s thoughts on that storyline, check out TVLine’s interview with the actresses.)

Your thoughts on Lena’s dark turn? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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