Veep Recap: Sex, Lies and Presidential Libraries

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Selina. Meyer. Belongs. In. An. Institution,” the former president declares in Sunday’s Veep. And so what does she do? She attempts to build herself one, of course. 

Sunday’s installment begins with Selina attending the opening of Stuart Hughes’ presidential library. After having her own presidency belittled by fellow former POTUS Stevenson, and later being excluded from a photo featuring all of the living presidents, Selina tells Andrew, Gary and Richard that she too wants “a g—damn, look-at-the-size-of-my-d—k, bring-history-to-life presidential library.” Richard points out that the reason Selina probably doesn’t have one is because she was only in office for less than a year, but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming big. She wants the library built at her law school alma mater Yale, and she wants it modeled after the John F. Kennedy Library because “he was also a part-termer.” She also wants it to include a reflecting pool so that visitors can remember what “this c—k s–k of a country did to me.”

As Selina is having her presidential portrait painted by Helen (Grace and Frankie‘s June Diane Raphael), she discovers that Yale has no interest in building a library in her name amid the Sherman Tanz controversy. Richard then informs her that her undergrad alma mater Smith College is interested — or, as Andrew puts it, “just like a Smith girl, they’re open to exploring.” As it turns out, Andrew’s off-color comment isn’t entirely without merit; when Selina goes to Smith to meet with its current president, Regina Pell (The Leftovers‘ Amy Brenneman), we discover that the two of them very likely experimented with each other back when they were students.

Later, on the way to meet with a prospective donor for Selina’s library, Andrew’s texts are read aloud by the car’s automated system and they reveal that he’s been shtupping Helen. Selina is clearly devastated, but it’s Gary who freaks out on Andrew, getting up from his seat to accost the man who broke his beloved bosses’ heart.

Selina ultimately fires Helen, prompting the “art skank” to leak details of her affair to the press that paint Andrew as a predator and her as the victim. After Selina refuses to rehire her amid the growing scandal (“That would be like Princess Di hiring Camilla Parker Bowles to be her limo driver… although in that case it would have worked out better for her, obviously.”), Smith rescinds its offer to house her presidential library. Selina tries to get Regina to reconsider by inviting her back to her hotel room, but Regina tells her that she is in a committed relationship. Selina in turn denies that she was suggesting anything whatsoever. She eventually rehires Helen as a last-ditch effort, but as soon as Richard informs her that Smith is still a “No,” Selina tells “Frida Swallow” to pack up her crayons and “get the f—k out.”

THE DATING GAME | When Jonah fails to score an invite to a dinner party thrown by Furlong and his wife, Kent and Ben suggest that he might be taken more seriously by his fellow congressmen if he were married. Jonah isn’t convinced, but once Kent points out that married politicians tend to have more sex with single women than single politicians, he agrees to be set up on a series of dates in hopes of finding Mrs. Right.

As you’d expect, Jonah is the worst date ever. He tells the first potential match about how the doctors removed his cancerous testicle, and later informs her that she can get an appetizer or dessert — but not both. When she picks the latter, he asks for pictures of her mother — both front and back. Date No. 2 doesn’t go mich better, but Date No. 3 appears to be a perfect match. Unfortunately for Jonah, Dan arrives and scares her off by alerting her that Jonah has “roofied more women than Alpha Kappa Cosby.” After she gets up, Dan tells Jonah that this is payback for the on-air meltdown that resulted in him getting the CBS This Morning gig, then digs the knife in further by taking her home.

Also in “Library”…

* Catherine and Marjorie announce that they’re looking to become parents. Selina isn’t too jazzed about becoming a “grandm’am,” and asks that they hold off on finding a sperm donor after learning about Andrew’s infidelity.

* After Amy plants the seeds for Buddy’s gubernatorial competitor to be exposed as an adulterer, Buddy gets caught up in a scandal of his own when he’s arrested for a DUI. Footage of Buddy exposing his genitals to the officer leaks online and, as the episode comes to a close, he holds a press conference to both apologize and emphasize how much he respects women.

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