Imaginary Mary: Will You Make Friends With Jenna Elfman's New Comedy?

Imaginary Mary Series Premiere Recap ABC

When one adult woman’s fears about love, relationships and commitment come rushing to the fore, so does her furry, sassy, made-up, childhood buddy.

That’s the gist of ABC’s frothy new comedy Imaginary Mary, fronted by Dharma & Greg star Jenna Elfman, which had a sneak-peek premiere Wednesday night. In a moment, we’ll want to hear what you thought of the new series. But first, a brief recap:

We’re introduced to Elfman’s Alice via a quick, sad highlight reel of her as a child, watching her parents’ marriage dissolve. Mary, the imaginary creature Alice dreamed up to comfort herself in her youth (voiced by SNL alum Rachel Dratch), fills us in via voiceover, proudly proclaiming that Alice is attached to no one and, “Thanks to me, Alice now owns her own business, travels the world and is single like a fox.” That is, until Ben (played by You’re the Worst‘s Stephen Schneider), an adorable nerd whose dating profile name is “Divorced Rad Dad” wanders into her life.

Ben has three kids — Andy (Nicholas Coombe), Dora (Matreya Scarrwener) and Bunny (Erica Tremblay) — and the prospect of meeting them (combined with the fact that she’s fallen for Ben) makes Alice a little loopy. Re-enter Mary, who urges her pal to dump the dad and be free once more.

And when the first meeting between Alice and Ben’s kids goes terribly — Bunny breaks an expensive guitar, Andy overshares — the whole thing turns into a giant fight that seems to Alice like a breakup. She and Mary hit the bar, then wake up hungover… only for Alice to realize that Ben doesn’t want to break up with her just because they hit a small snag.

They make up, another meeting with the kids goes a lot better, and all’s well that ends well —or, rather, that ends with Alice doing karaoke with Ben and his brood while Mary looks on, horrified that her bestie is “mom dancing” with abandon.

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