The Last Man on Earth Isn't Headed for Extinction at Fox, Is It?

The Last Man on Earth San Francisco

If The Last Man on Earth‘s approaching season finale turns out to be a series finale, the show’s fans are going to be left with a not-so-satisfied feeling, predicts Will Forte.

Discussing the Fox comedy’s uncertain future with TVLine, Forte — who is both Last Man‘s creator and star — says “the finale of Season 3 would be a real bummer for people if it didn’t come back for a fourth season, because there’s something that happens [in the episode] that opens the gateway to the possibility of stuff. I’m really excited about how it ends… And I think that people probably have a good idea what it is.” (Hmm…. Might it have something to do with this?)

Forte adds that he hasn’t “heard anything about a renewal,” adding, “I think [Fox] likes the show. But I know it’s all about the ratings and stuff. So I guess we just have to see.”

A Fox spokesperson, meanwhile, tells TVLine, “Last Man on Earth and other current shows are under consideration for renewal and we’ll be making decisions over the next two months.” (We’re hearing from insiders that the show has a 50/50 shot of returning.)

“I do hope we get a fourth season,” Forte continues. “It’s just such a wonderful group of people to work with.”

The mere possibility of Last Man on Earth getting wiped off the TV map got us wondering: What would a proper series finale even look like? “I like the final Breaking Bad episode,” Forte shares with a chuckle. “So we might just do a shot-for-shot remake of that.”

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